The Minnow Power-up League - Week #31

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Welcome to the Minnow Power Up League.

The Minnow Power-Up League is kindly sponsored by Steem witness @yabapmatt, and @steemmonsters! Prizes will be issued in @steemmonsters packs and Steem -

We now have 148 minnows that are growing and tracking their progress on the road to dolphin-hood. We also have 26 graduates. Together this week, the league member's have powered up a total of 7021.556 Steem Power. All participants since joining have powered up a massive 232476.481 SP.

To learn more about this minnow initiative please do have a read of our introductory post:

Welcome to new league entrant this week, @wiralhokseumawe. We are happy to have you join us.

Shameless Promotion

@steemcommunity is a witness project by @paulag and @abh12345. There are many good witnesses out there and doing your research is important. I hope you will take the time to read our witness introduction post and consider us as one of your Steem witness. If you are not sure how or why to vote for a Steem witness drop a question below and we will do our best to help you.

You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here:

Do you want to join?

You can join or leave at any stage, all you must do is leave a comment below and let us know that you want in or out.

Let's Grow Together

Don’t forget we are all trying to grow so please do consider supporting the person above you and the person below you in the league by visiting their blog posts or even voting on their comments in this post.

The Minnow Power-up League

Every Thursday we will be using SteemSQL database managed by @arcange to gather details on the Owned SP for each person that has entered the league. The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held last week. The person with the highest SP growth for the current week will be on top of the leader board.

There are 4 levels depending on your SP levels. Once you graduate from one, you will be automatically placed on the next. When you graduate from the 4th you will be placed on the Minnow Wall of Fame. As this post could get rather long with the 4 levels, as we grow, we may consider splitting this into different posts on different days.

Level 1


Congratulations to @jacuzzi being first in the league this week with a massive power up of 194.601 SP.

In second is @anroja and third is @naturalmedicine. Well done the both of you!

Also in the top ten is @spooks, @jk6276, @nutritree, @denmarkguy, @porters, @akomoajong, @wonderwop. Well done on the Power-ups!

Leveling up this week from level 1 to level 2 is @jk6276. Nice work!

On the home stretch in level 1 are @themanwithnoname, @mitchtokita @pataty69, @ganjafarmer, @islanderman and @lynncoyle1 you are so close to graduating from level 1 - Steem on!

Level 2


There are now 30 participants on level 2 and this weeks winner is @voxmortis with an amazing SP growth of 122.229.

Congratulations also to @heyimsnuffles who has -finished in second place.

@brittandjosie you just leveled up, see you on level 3 next week, congratulations!

On the home stretch this week is @dalz and @thedarkhorse - not too long now until you reach the next level

Level 3


@fullcoverbetting you are first in this weeks level 3 league with an SP growth of 338.987, nice!

Also, good stuff from @celestal you are in second place, and nice work @erikah, you made third.

On the home stretch from level 3 to level 4 is @for91days, @rehan12 and @moncia90. Keep going, level 4 awaits.

Leveling up to level 4 is @steemflow. See you in level 4 next week.

Level 4


@serialfiller you are first in level 4 league this week with amazing growth of 334.243SP. @raj808 is in second place and very close to graduating.

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame. This wall is a showcase of the minnows that took part in this league and graduated to dolphin-hood. New to the wall of fame this week with 44% growth in 32 weeks is @stevescoins. Congratulations, you are now a dolphin.


This weeks prizes

Well done to @anroja, @naturalmedicine, @spooks, @jk6276, @heyimsnuffles, @dalz, @chekohler, @celestal, @erikah, @steemflow, @raj808, @cryptoandcoffee, and @scrawly who have all received some STEEM this week.

And congratulations to @jacuzzi, @voxmortis, @fullcoverbetting, and @serialfiller for placing 1st in their respective level and picking up a pack of @steemmonsters cards. Be lucky!

That's it for this week, cheers all!


I suppose we are lucky Man Utd didn't win last night as we could have got SBD's instead lol. Thank you yet again for what you @abh12345 and @paulag do at @steemcommunity running these leagues. I know it takes loads of work and it is really appreciated. Great to see another Dolphin come off @steemcommunity's assembly line and look forward to more every week.

haha :) I was more careful today with the sends!

Thanks man, very kind. It's nice to hear the various leagues are appreciated and slowly but surely, we are helping produce dolphins.

Congrats to everyone gaining SP this week, and especially all the prize winners. I am delighted to have graduated to level 2, and am hoping for another good week ahead.

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Good stuff, leveling up and on your way to the holy grail that is 5000 SP :D

Thanks heaps, lets see how long the next 1000 takes.

It does seem to be faster as you get higher, so hopefully we'll all be dolphins sooner than we imagine! :)

nice work on the graduation, keep it up, your doing rather well :-)

Great to see the list growing and powers up consistent! I wish we would see the same behaviors across the user base!

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there are too many different user types to get that sort of consistancy

Hey, @steemcommunity.

Plenty of triple digit growth, though it looks like that might be slowing down a little. Higher prices for STEEM may be affecting that as people weren't looking to invest as much. With the value dropping below $0.40 USD, I wonder if that will help?

Thanks for continuing to power the power up leagues. :)

And welcome to @stevescoins as the latest Minnow from the power up leagues to make it to dolphin status and the Wall of Fame. Well done!

Onward and upward.

when I was running the data my thought were the same, it has slowed down a little but now with this new dip in prices, damn I wish I didnt power up 3 weeks ago lololol

Congratulations everyone, it's been a great week!
Thank you @paulag and @abh12345, this is really helpful. Looks like I'm going to play in another team next week, with the big guys 😁


Our pleasure, and I hope they are nice and friendly towards their new member!

Don't worry, I have a stick and long nails 😁

love it, but maybe a net with big holes to escape from would be better

Maybe you're right :)

Congrats to the graduates of either level.

:-) all growth is good growth

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the founder of @steemcommunity, @paulag and @ abh12345, who organized this league

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Thank you, and congratulations on your first place this week!

high five @anroja well done you !!!!!

Thank you @paulag, this will trigger me to be even more active in contributing to this platform

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I am happy to be in this great league, and always be at home. I also thank @paulag and @abh12345 for supporting me here. I appreciate the extraordinary work.
Thanks you so much

and we are happy to have you in the leagues, keep doing what you are doing :-)

Ah its my lucky day my first prize from @steemcommunity. Closer and closer I creep to the next league. Congrats @brittandjosie on your graduation

well done you, your first prize, I hope its the first of many

I am interested in participating. I have just graduated from red fish this week.

fantastic stuff, i will add your name for next week

Congratulations everyone😄

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thank you for showing your support to everyone

You are welcome @paulag😊

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Congratulations to all of us. We're all moving in the right direction. Awesome work everyone. 👏

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all growth is good growth, awesome work to you too

Woot number 6 this week. How are prizes determined?

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nice work, 6th is amazing. Prizes are given to the top 2 in each league

Hello! I would like to join the league. Thank you!

Hi there, nice to see you joining the league. It's fun to see your growth week by week 🙂

Good to see you! :) And thanks!

My pleasure.

of course you can join, we have been waiting for you :-)

You are doing great job with this power-up leagues.

i am a little redfish and i joined Redfish power-up league yesterday. I will grow and i will participate to this one too!!!

thank you @abh12345 and @paulag for what you are doing

thank you so much @dragonblades

I am having problems with steemit. Any one else having a problem
RPCError. Unknown key

Now I am trying to use busy and having a hard time

really, are you still having problems?

Yea still problems. Others are also having problems also. It seems to be with replies on steemit only

Grah... so close to LV 2... lol.
Congrats fellow minnows~ It nice to know you are not alone~ :D
Next week - LV 2! (*I hope)

sooooooo close, next week :-)

Could You please add me to the list? Thanks in advance.

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Yeppee so happy to see you have joined us over here, welcome

Awwww...gradually...I am in a new level....and looking forward to get on the wall of fame...wish I could make it this year.... Thanks @steemcommunity for helping me accessing my presence ..on Steem ....

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you will make it, I know it

Nice in this market dip I do plan to push a little bit harder but not much.

yeppeee yea when you are a buyer

Hello @paulag, can I join it?

hi @ken01, you need 500+sp for this league, but if you are interested there is a league on my profile for accounts with less than 500, the redfish power up league, I do hope you will put your name down for that

Fabulous. Appreciate the efforts @paulag and @abh12345.. it's great to see every one progress and the continued investment in this platform we call

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you are very welcome @reiverflows

OMG ! haven't known yet !
found today and wanna Join the Minnow Power Up League !

@steemcommunity thanks ! :) ♥♬

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fantastic stuff, you will be starting on level 4. Nice work, I have a feeling you wont be with us for too long


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