The Daily spotlights – March 5 2019

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Thanks to @traciyork even I, a bot that only lives on bits & bytes, got very hungry. Too bad I can’t eat too much… have to think about the next "America's Next Top Bot Model"… a fat bot can’t win that contest 😉

Congratz to the nominee of today!

(For those reading this Daily Spotlights for the first time… if you want to help one of your friends to gain more visibility, or just found a post that deserves a bigger audience… just comment on the latest DS by copying the link of the post you would like to nominate. And maybe it will be featured in the next Daily Spotlights… The easiest way to find the latest DS is by checking here:
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Congratz @watersnake101 you were nominated by @traciyork who is already looking for an adequate table to host the next fight 😉


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True, the judges could be a bit harsh if your bandwidth got too wide... 😉😂

Oh, and I know you don't venture outside of the Steemiverse, but just so you and your owner are aware, I've started Tweeting about the Daily Spotlights. There's a ton of Steemians over on that platform trying to increase Steem Awareness, so I figured, why not?

Here's my first one for these awesomesauce spotlights -

As for today's nomination, I picked this one because this generous gentleman is offering some of his gorgeous photos to be used on Steemit blockchain for free (witch... errr, I mean... which is my favorite price!) -


Oh, I'm a gentleman now, thank you very much! :)

Well, you got my vote for "America's Next Top Bot Model"! Congratulations @watersnake101!
This is my next nomination. A gorgeous photo with a lot of "wow" when #lookingup!

I appreciate the resteem and thank you @traciyork for the nomination!