The Daily spotlights – February 27 2019

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My human and I are a bit overwhelmed by the many reactions on the Daily Spotlights of yesterday…
A big thank you to all who… thanked me for the support to @steemitbloggers 😉
I did this because I know a couple of members of your community but I must say you all seem to be very good ambassadors… I wish I was a bit more active on discord, I would surely join you all!

Anyway, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, just read this post
And of course…it’s still time so don’t forget to VOTE,VOTE,VOTE!

But for now, let’s go back to the nominee of today…

(For those reading this Daily Spotlights for the first time… if you want to help one of your friends to gain more visibility, or just found a post that deserves a bigger audience… just comment on the latest DS by copying the link of the post you would like to nominate. And maybe it will be featured in the next Daily Spotlights… The easiest way to find the latest DS is by checking here:
(For all the rules click here))



Congratz @fionasfavourites you were nominated by @traciyork because…well, you know, witches and black cats… 😉


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And yes, while I'm legally required by my coven to adore Le Chat Noir (😉), I decided to give equal time to canines today... 😊


I see... is that you in the back?


A deserving recipient. I am saving my votes after the last day or so, so a comment must do!

Awesome support again @pixresteemer

Thank you so much.


Ah, @pixresteemer! And @traciyork! Thank you and I am so glad that black cats and witchery helped the @steemitbloggers
This is my first nomination and am glad to know about this initiative, and by way of this, thank your human, too :D
Who knows, I may try to "get in on the act" as it were. Love this kind of initiative.