Adding @fionasfavourites to the Minnow Builder Program

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We try to keep 10 plankton that we are supporting in each active Minnow Builder account. As someone who is being supported becomes a Minnow we end the free upvotes and then search for another worthy person to support. The Community Support side of the Minnow Builder Daily Vote Program supports plankton with a free daily upvote until they become Minnows.

Today I'd like to announce the addition of @fionasfavourites to the Community Support side of the Minnow Builder Program.


@fionasfavourites has recently started coming around the @pifc discord and is an active supporter of @steemitbloggers. One of the many who was out there pushing to try and earn them a free 10k SP delegation...sadly they came in second place. As an active community minded person who is blogging and growing her account this is exactly the type of person we want to help have success on Steemit.


Thank you very much for this @minnowbuilder2. I will do my best to live up to this. I really am a proponent of initiatives to support little people. Happy to do my bit

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Hi, I unfortunately undelegated my shares back to me.
Thanks for the support, this project is amazing, however I needed to get back my SP.

At any point that you want to come back and join the program you can always do so. I would suggest purchasing shares as you then are also gaining from the growth in the account. This is a key point of MinnowBuilder over most vote programs, these shares are yours and the steem value of each share (when you purchase them with steem) can be requested back if you decide to sell your shares.

Anyways thanks for letting me know that you have done this. As you notified me your vote will stay in place for the next 5 days while your SP is in the cool down period.

I will start to but some shares in the near future, I just need to focus in a few projects first and them I will come back like the Exterminator 2. Hahahah!
Thanks for the votes until cool down, I appreciate a lot.


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