03/13/2019 - Quick Account Status

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With the spike of SBD today we converted our SBD earnings on the internal market from the last few days into Steem and powered it up. We earned about 7% more on that SBD then if we had converted it right away. It wasn't a large amount, but every little bit helps provide added value to all shareholders. We are always watching the markets to try and take advantage of the best timing to maximize account growth.

Currently we are not selling shares in @minnowbuilder2, but you can find links for the accounts within the Minnow Builder Program which are currently selling share. Right now our focus is on growing each account to have 1,000 SP Owned.

As you can see below the value per share of @minnowbuilder2 is at 1.294 Steem per share. This account is still growing nicely thanks to all the support from our shareholders.

Account Information

Share Sale Status:NOT ACTIVE
Current Share Value in Steem:1.294
Current Share Cost in Delegation:2.588
Current Owned SP:1259.53
Current Steem Reserves80.0

Minnow Builder Program Status

Current Minnow Builder Share Sale PostsTime Sale Ends

Thank you!

Thank you for all of your support including upvotes, SBI shares purchased for this account, and spreading the word about the Minnow Builder Program.


Hi @minnowbuilder2!

  • you have 825 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 22479307954947 or 17.346 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 3.469 $

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Hi @cryptojiang!

  • you have 30 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 68158850092 or 0.052 $
  • you need to wait until your upvote value (current value: 0.010 $) is above 0.012 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

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