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A two-step selection process. Three months of preparing, redoing and preparing again. Finally, the day was there. On May, 2nd we presented ImpactN in front of the eyes of the world at United Nations' Global Festival of Action. Or presentation was life-streamed at United Nations Web TV

First result: an interview for a report "Tech4Good" was done, giving us an opportunity to explain in more detail, what the advantages of eco-friendly Steem are compared to POW-blockchains and how we use Steem in combination with a social network:

Blockchain revolutionises human interaction. It enables direct and immediate collaboration of individuals, globally.

We use blockchain in three ways.

For money transfer
To build trust between distant parties.
To reward good impactful action.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Follow me to a small village in Ghana. It’s Easter. a drilling company works near a school, building a well for 500+ school children, giving them access to fresh water for the first time in their life. Money to pay the workers was sent to Ghana from all over the world – via Steem blockchain. With zero banking fees, within 3 seconds. From individuals to individuals. No banks in between. No other organisations with complex processes of collecting and distributing donations.

What seems to be merely technical becomes emotional through our services. Shortly after funds had arrived in Ghana, donors got back a big smile from there through our communication channel Discord.
We call it funding 2.0 – combining funding and social interaction. Making funding a personal experience. What a difference compared to the anonymous, slow and complicated way donation works nowadays!

Trust is essential for this kind of Global interaction. That’s where blockchain comes in as well:
Data on Steem blockchain are public. Be it payment data or a post about a project – everybody can see them everywhere. Everybody can comment on them, share knowledge, propose the next project or check the details. Transparency helps build trust. Have a look at our prototype if you like. BTW This public visibility also helps preventing fraud. Fraudsters hate to be in the limelight.

And blockchain offers even more: we will reward impactful action through our own currency. Have a look at how such a reward mechanism already works on Steem blockchain today:

Tires are normally burnt in Cameroon. This project upcycles them and creates flower pots, tire seats and a lot of other things. You like this project? I do! Let’s like it.

Tire slide.png

And look what has happened: by liking you have added some money to the account of the project. Instantaneously – without taking it out of your own account. What’s behind this? Where does the money come from? It’s a blockchain producing its own currency with rules making money follow your likes. So, your like identifies good projects and creates financial value. Which makes it even more motivating to engage.

So let’s put all this together:
Blockchain transfers funds. It builds trust between distant parties and rewards impactful action.

We are confident!

Our service, integrating blockchain into a truly social network - an SDG community - can support you personally to achieve your Global Goals. Come join and collaborate!


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