# HEY HAVE YA MET ? Weekend-edition

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Goodmorning , Goodevening or whatever time it is at your part off the Steemisfere......

Often we get stuck in a rut and tend to only look at what is in our feed; this causes us to miss some amazing posts. What's even worse, we miss those introduction posts of new people who are not just not being seen. We decided, because we have felt the same frustration with our introduction, we are going to introduce the people we thought were deserving of your attention.


Our plan is for this to be a daily project, as daily as we can possibly do. However, with us visiting every REAL introduction post and commenting with a short personal message and link to our welcome post we run extremely low on Resource Credits. Please keep watching our posts and see who's out there when we can post a "Have Ya Met...?".

If you would like to help us be able to reach more new Steemians and weed out the real introductions for you, please consider helping us out with your delegation. Every little bit helps us to reach out a hand to those who might not ever be noticed in this big ocean of little fish.


HAVE YA MET @attracttheone

View the post here : 1FA79314-E027-4B33-B103-633DA79028E8.jpeg

HAVE YA MET @willington

View the post here : 1BDD4D58-0882-4B0B-A183-BE2D8C80B829.jpeg

HAVE YA MET @masuma69

View the blog here : B790C1A8-AF22-4D27-80ED-7E1697231DA2.jpeg

HAVE YA MET @babzt

View the post here : 3B2205ED-877D-4FDE-92B8-4A425CEE4B63.jpeg

HAVEYA MET @socketworld

View the post here : BFB9FC3C-BA75-40EB-8BFF-37E06E540343.jpeg

And the last one for today,

HAVE YA MET @canercanbolat

View the post here : 96D55541-47DF-4565-BE08-6FA4ED84FAD5.jpeg


Thank you so much for joining @brittandjosie and myself in this endeavor. We wanted to do our part in helping new people get their introductions noticed. We understand how they must be feeling because both of us have been exactly where they are. I, @xcountytravelers, was very frustrated because knew I had a very good quality post with little reaction while other "trending" introductions were a poor quality photo and little verbiage. I was so discouraged and heartbroken; this should not happen to anyone. Therefore, we are on the lookout for these people and will do our best to bring them to your attention.

If you would like to see @xcountytravelers' introduction post HERE
If you would like to see @brittandjosie's introduction post HERE


Are you interested in sponsoring us or providing delegation so we can connect and engage with new Steemian accounts both personal or business? If so, please contact @xcountytravelers Steem Terminal#7157 in the Steem Terminal (a discord server) or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us help others.


Thank you for reading our blog,

Team @heyhaveyamet

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