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Dustsweeper Contest

It is now time to conclude the latest Dustsweeper contest. Please check out this post to read the announcement.

The contest was to suggest a great contest that we can host for Dustsweeper in the future. Simply, a Suggest-a-Contest contest. 😀

The five best suggestions would receive a prize of $1 of Dustsweeper upvotes. The prize for this was donated by @johndoer123.

The 5 Selected Winners

Here are the best 5 contest suggestions. These were seen as the best contests to be used to promote and support @dustsweeper. They are listed in no specific order.

@mitrado - This is probably the most complicated contest out of the 5 selected. The contest would be to present a person that is ready to quit, either they have lost motivation or they been attacked by others on the platform. The contestant needs to show how they helped the person, how they gave a meaning to Steem again. This should hopefully involve @dustsweeper in one way or another.

@karamyog - This is a pure advertisement and marketing contest. Come up with a great poster or a marvellous tagline to promote @dustsweeper.

@minimining - The contest suggestion from @minimining is linked to user-friendliness. The contest could be tackled from two angles, either to suggest @dustsweeper improvements to make the service easier and more clear, or, it could be to write user guides and explanations that would help others to get a better understanding of @dustsweeper.

@rentmoney - This idea is to create a contest within a contest. I was immediately thinking about the move Inception here. A contest, within a contest, within a contest... 😀


I think it is a great idea. People will have to come up with a contest idea, any idea really, where the only requirement is to give out a @dustsweeper starter pack. A starter pack is nothing defined, but it could be a 0.5 SBD @dustsweeper gift.

@fw206 - Here is another excellent promotion contest. I will quote the text from @fw206's comment as it is well described:
"It consists of two parts:

1.) Create a small info/ advertisement text for @dustsweeper in the comments (maybe five lines), the top entries would get an upvote

2.) In the next step everyone, especially newbies, posts a translation of the winning entry in their native language. Each translation post gets an upvote. Translations into local slang would count for English Steemians :)"

Congratulations to all the five above. You will all receive $1 in Dustsweeper upvotes. This is sponsored by @johndoer123. If you don't know John, I encourage you to check out his blog and write him an awesome comment.

5 SBD in upcoming prizes

Although we have picked the best five suggestions above, we have not decided on our next step. We will most likely turn all of them into real contests, but we just haven't decided how yet.

So please keep your eyes open for future announcements.

We have another 5 SBD donated by @jackmiller which will be used in the upcoming contests.

@jackmiller is a Steem witness. If you have a vote to spare, please consider giving it to Jack!

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777

Dustsweeper Stats

Here the latest Dustsweeper statistics.

  • We have 730 Users registered.
  • $1100 in total outstanding upvote balance for all users.
  • A total of $270 saved from turning into dust.

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Dustsweeper is an initiative supported by Witness @danielsaori. Daniel is also one of the co-founders, together with @davemccoy. Their shared vision is to help newcomers grow and prosper in the STEEM universe.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference. @dustsweeper is trying to prevent that potential disappointment by helping protect those tiny profits.

Do you like Dusty? Please give a Witness Vote to @danielsaori

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Congrats to the top five and thanks to @dustsweeper and @johndoer123 who just happens to be running a @dustsweeper giveaway at this very moment ... . Check his blog for details ..


That's very kind of you!

Dude you are the contest king! @fw206

Thank you 😀 and of course @danielsaori/ @davemccoy for choosing me and @johndoer123 for enabling this, Thank you 👍

Good job buddy

It's a little funny how I celebrate approx one buck, while in real life it's not much . Steemit makes you modest :)

great job bro congo

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHOSEN!! Keep up your great work Dusty!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

yes its the best

Excellent ideas! Congrats, everyone!
I noticed everyone got a 0.5$ gift from @dustsweeper this week! Thanks for that! 😄

Thanks Trincowski!
I think the $0.5 you saw was part of the huge @newbiegames contest. I believe they sponsored more than 100 accounts. So you were one of the winners. :)

I know the contest is over but I have an idea. Maybe have a contest to see who can recruit the most famous person to steemit. People would flock to this person gaining them more popularity. It would also bring more people to steemit. This is a win-win-win.

That would be a huge thing and I believe it is something several people are working hard on to achieve.
To make a contest out of it, there probably have to be a lot of cash backing it up. There is a strong motive to try this without engaging in a contest. But maybe with a special twist it would be possible to organise it on a smaller scale.

I am Skeetsplash.

Keep that a secret tho

Some great ideas there. Well done everyone


Nice ideas.

Congrats everyone who won! These are some really interesting ideas! i think the designing posters would be fun!

Lots of love to you dusty!

Very good @danielsaori... I like your selections and loved the entries you selected! And I love the movie Inception, so glad to see you use it to judge one of our entries :D ... Good job to all the winners and thank you @johndoer123 for being the awesome guy you are!

Thx Dave!
A dream with three levels, can it be done? Questionably...
A contest with three levels, can it be done? Indisputably!! :)

@johndoer123 and you are both awesome! And I'm pretty sure you will like the commenting skills of the guy I just featured in my comment challenge. :)

@danielsaori lol... I know it should be fun... that's the part of being here that makes things worthwhile!

Well, Ithank you for the great compliment. And thank you for being so awesome @davemccoy. I finally got to cast an anthill. I just did a post on it, if you get time to stop by.

@johndoer123 I did stop by and thought I caught you on this comment... But I loved your anthill casting and will try it myself at some point ;)

I know you did brother. I posted this 4 days ago. Maybe you just missed it before, or maybe Ginabot is still messing up. Regardless, it's all good. I would also now recommend using zinc, not aluminum. Lower melting point, stronger, shinier and it will cast small passages that aluminum won't. Have a great day sir. ☺️

hmmm... now where would I get zinc? One of the great things is I have plenty of beer cans... I do have soup cans but I think they are tin... Does tin work too?

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