A gift for @dustsweeper!!!!

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If you haven't heard of @dustsweeper, it's a new service that will upvote your dust comments!!!


My Dust comments!?!? What the heck does that mean?

We have decided to tackle a problem that disproportionately affects newbies and minnows alike. It might seem small, and it is. In fact, it is so small we refer to it as dust. But just because its small, doesn't mean it's not meaningful. It adds up economically, but even more important it makes users with lesser vote values feel like their votes don't matter. This is especially true on comments.

How much does it cost me to clean up the dust???

There is no membership fee whatsoever, but there is a charge of $0.014 SBD for every dust vote we cast. That is half of the value of the upvote of $0.028. The way we keep track of it is that you send about 1 SBD/STEEM or more, we double the amount and keep the balance on hand. Every time we upvote your dust we will just take it from that balance. For example, you will get 71 dust votes before your 1 SBD runs out. When you get low on your balance, you will be notified so that you can top-up your @dustsweeper balance and be sure you don't miss any votes.


Who do I thank for such an awesome service???

Dustsweeper is a community bot run by witness @danielsaori
This is a joint project by @davemccoy and @danielsaori and it's supported and operated by witness @danielsaori. The goal behind this service is to help the newbies and minnows get paid on the votes they already have, not to make a profit. The fees we charge should equal the cost to run the service and lease the SP to make those votes. If the bot makes a profit, then the surplus will be used do other things to help the community.


The logo was inspired by this awesome new service, I have been creating new logos and banners for another group @thehive and decided when I found out there was an awesome service just beginning I had to give it a go. So I made the logos for @dustsweeper to use if they would like. A gift from me to you!!

Here are a few others for you all at @dustsweeper to have as well! If you would like me to change anything for you I will happily assist!!!




I have already gotten my dustsweeper started!!! So far the votes are coming in and I am one happy steemian!!!


Please consider voting @danielsaori as a Witness.

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@charisma777 its people like you that steemit the wonderful place it is. Beautiful job on the banners and logo thanks for being one of the wonderful steemit people. I found you because of your comment on the @dustsweeper post.

Well thank you!! I have enjoyed creating them!! Also reading through your blog a bit and I've been looking into the clouds for years the sky isn't what it once was! I know it's of the topic here but always one I am interested in! Check this picture out!! Strange clouds20180506_135915.jpg

The strange thing and it's not showing much in this low quality image but they almost looked animated In a way. Just those above the trees...i take so many pictures of the sky. It truly is an ever changing beauty. Aside from the spraying.

The lower clouds are Strato-Cumulus clouds and the ones showing some billowing and vertical development are Cumuliform or Cumulus clouds of fair weather. Not at all unusual.

Yes there is something about the beauty of the natural things that we can never replicate even with he best pictures. I still takes pictures of the sky just not as often as I used to. I now live in a place where I have more woods. So the sky pictures a not the same because of the angle. Sunsets and rising or storms coming in are the most beautiful of all.
I have a ton of awesome pictures that are fpx format I have not converted. I had Kodak digital camera DC200 when it came out. 1MP pictures lol. I took pictures with it for 6 years. Soon I will try to convert them and start posting.
Thanks for the reply. I am glad we found each other.
Maybe I can hire you to make some banners and Logos for our new online store we are trying to get off the ground? Were having problems finding the right companies to dropship for us. We want to have an online Organic clothing store that covers all Organic clothing and linens. We have everything ready just need to find the right products.

I joined your discord as well!

That's great I'm looking to move more out in the country and away from the city. Although it's not s huge one the problems are just the same. That's am awesome idea for an online store! If you are I the discord you've found a great place!! I'm sure we'll all be able to help together!

Awesome following you with your positive vibes

Just sent dust sweeper 1sbd will wait and see what happens

one question to @charisma777 will it votes on comment also? or just post.
If this votes on comments it will be great. Thanks

Yes it votes on comments and posts!!! As long as its under the payout threshold!!! It's truly an awesome service I am definitely going to be a return customer!!

I made a deposit to try if it gives a good back then start with big

Awesome! It will make sure you don't lose out on those votes that didn't make it to the .02 minimum. I've enjoyed the service so far!

That's really amazing!
I added it right away as the avatar. I just did a simple zoom in and it fits really well.

Check your wallet. I sent you a small thank you note.

Well thank you! I didn't do it for payment, but i appreciate that! I also added a new one I the middle of the post! I like it best i think! Lol. I'll probably keep playing with it just to see the possibilities, but glad you like it! And so glad my friend told me to send it over! You made my day!

Very nice logo, I like it. And while we are talking about @dustsweeper, I would like to share this thought with people thinking about it:

"When we sign up for @dustsweeper it is not only ourselves that we are helping, more importantly it is the vote giver that we are helping also. If their vote is dusted away, they receive no curation reward, if it is rescued they get a curation reward. We all win."

Exactly @bashadow, this was my main reason for wanting to sign up!! I love helping others and what a unique way to do it!!

I think when they first came out with it, people were seeing it as a selfish thing for people to join, a new way to buy votes, I don't think they saw it as helping the voter at all. That is what I saw when they first came out with it, I get a reward, and the voter gots their reward. I think it is great, I looked back on my comments almost most 3 days worth, and I saw 14 $0.01 votes, that was 14 people that were going to lose out on a vote value, so even though I did not have much SBD saved I still sent it all in. So I don't look at them as paid for votes, more as "Rescued" votes. I think what @dustsweeper is doing is great, I hope they are able to maintain the momentum.

That they are! Like rescue pups we now have rescue votes!!!

I'm excited to earn my first Steem Dollar and try Dust Sweeper out myself.

Awesome! If you haven't already Donne do just send @dustsweeper the SBD and they will take it from there and clean up some of that dust!!!!!

Will do, Charisma. 👍

What is this "dust" you speak of? Not sure I understand this particular Bot.

Great job on the logos! I've come to love banner's you made for the hive as well. :)

Thank you! I'm working on some new ones hopefully they come out ok. Glad you like them.

You're welcome. ^^ Looking forward to it.

@resteemator is a new bot casting votes for its followers. Follow @resteemator and vote this comment to increase your chance to be voted in the future!

This is so cool! You really are pretty awesome :) And so is @dustsweeper :) !!

Well thank you! I am loving the dustsweeper initiative so far!!! Am awesome idea for sure!

I am too!!! I have my last two posts where I've been unable to really upvote because my VP was so low. Now I know if I leave a little there, dustsweeper will come clean it up for me :) Love it!

Exactly!!! I hardly leave an upvote on comments lately, since reading about the dust last month! Great minds for a great project!!!

I stopped upvoting comments too when i heard about dust votes. I was actually kind of pissed that all my 1 and 2 cent votes disappeared. Where do they go? It was a lot them. A lot of people got nothing and i wasted my time and voting power. I admit i don't understand this service. I don't get any votes on my comments and i only vote on peoples posts now. I like what you're all doing but wonder if it would be any point in me signing up? I apologize for being so dense! :)

I too could use a further explanation. This 1 and 2 cent votes disappearing is new to me.

If you have a comment or post that is under .02 them it is dusted you don't get paid! It didn't look like your affected much by it since your upvote is worth more, but the newbies are losing out. That's why @dustsweeper is here to help

Why would Steemit adjust algorithms to do that and hurt the entire minnow community? Even though I have some voting power, if I want to adjust my slider to .02, that should be my perogative! Where is all this dust going?

Me too! I like to leave upvotes and was so sad when I found out what a dust vote was. I signed up and right away saw it working. Now I can give you an upvote!

Great graphic for an awesome service :)

Thanks! It really is a great service!!

I like the images. Almost thought its the official logo for the bot.

It just may be! If they choose to use it, but from the comment Danielsaori left its the avatar so that's pretty awesome!

These are great @charisma777!

  • May I use these in a post I'm working on?
    • What copyright notification should I give?

I personally don't mind. And I'm sure @davemccoy and @Danielsaori wouldn't mind since it would call attention to @dustsweeper, just source the images as you would any others, image credit charisma777 or something along those lines!

I'll source this post. Thanks!

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