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Dustsweeper Issues

After the blockchain issue this week, and the needed upgrade to version 0.19.5, many of the public RPC nodes had to replay, putting a higher burden and overloading the existing active nodes. This caused several @dustsweeper crashes and Dusty struggled to keep up with normal operations.

We even hit 100% VP yesterday!

To avoid wasting our VP we gave out random votes to active Dustsweeper accounts. These are free votes not deducted from your balance.

Hopefully we will be back to normal again in the next day or two.

Gifts and Donations

We have received some very generous donations, but busy times have prevented us from properly acknowledge them.

As you might know, we need SP to be able to operate. The majority of the SP we are renting, using the MinnowBooster market. The other part comes from donations from fellow Steemians. And recently we received an awesome 3K SP delegation from @gamer00, aka. Jaro. A big Thanks and Kiitos to you!!

@johndoer123, a very generous and caring minnow, sent a gift of 2.5 SBD to be distributed to other Dustsweeper users. Please read more about that below.

We also have a remaining 5 SBD donated by @jackmiller. Jack donated 10 SBD in total where the first 5 SBD was used in this Refer A Friend Game.

Suggest a Contest - Win Free Upvotes

This is a "Suggest-a-Contest" Contest. Your task is to suggest a contest that we can run linked to @dustsweeper.

  • What kind of contest would you like to see?
  • Give us a short summary and describe how the contest would work.

Please use your imagination and come up with a great contest idea. We will use the donation from @johndoer123 and hand out $1 of @dustsweeper upvotes to the 5 best suggestions.

Write your suggestion as a comment to this post.

The donation from @jackmiller will then be used in prizes when we organize a contest from one of the winning suggestions.

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777

Upcoming Changes

Things have not progressed as fast as we had hoped and we are still preparing to get the changes below released. Please stay tuned and we should have news in the next few weeks.

  • Discord Support server and a Discord Dust-Bot.
  • Opt-in for outgoing votes to reward other users.

Dustsweeper Stats

Here the latest Dustsweeper statistics. Except for the issues this week we have had a very smooth ride and an outstanding growth. Since the last update we have almost tripled the user base and we have saved a truckload of dust. Well Done Dusty.

  • We have almost 600 Users registered.
  • $950 in total outstanding upvote balance for all users.
  • A total of $210 saved from turning into dust.

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Dustsweeper is an initiative supported by Witness @danielsaori. Daniel is also one of the co-founders, together with @davemccoy. Their shared vision is to help newcomers grow and prosper in the STEEM universe.

Seeing a 2 cents profit turn into dust doesn't sound like much, but for someone new, it can make all the difference. @dustsweeper is trying to prevent that potential disapointment by helping protect those tiny profits.

Do you like Dusty? Please give a Witness Vote to @danielsaori

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Vote for danielsaori

Vote for danielsaori


Sounds good, I'm in. Thanks for this service!

I was frustrated when I was no longer getting a pay out for my low earning posts, glad someone brought dust sweeper to my attention.

One suggestion that I have, is since @dustsweeper mainly benefits newer people, that the contest be somewhat easy to participate in. Maybe a comment challenge, or a "who do you think could use distsweeper protection?" contest. Or a "post a pic" contest, dustsweeper can pick the theme. Even maybe a "what does your Steem name mean" contest. You could even do a "how many pieces of candy in the jar game. Or a "what will the post payout of this post be" contest. Hope my couple ideas help you great people out!!!

I like the keep it simple idea. I'm a simple type of guy. :)
I would also favour something that @dustsweeper can benefit from, like a Dustsweeper slogan contest etc.

Thanks again John for your donation.
Keep being awesome!!

Eww, a slogan contest, that sounds awesome! I'll keep my eye out and I'll continue to raise awareness for you guys, and as always I'll keep handing out accounts to people. Thank you so much for all you are doing...you keep being awesome too!!

Contest could as follows -

Come up with a poster for dustsweeper or a tagline. One entry per user.

Simple contest, not much detail required. Top 5 taglines and top 5 posters can be rewarded. One upvote for everyone who participates.

Shouldn't be tough with 600 users.

Thanks for building this. It has been extremely useful for me.

Thanks for the suggestion. Me likes. :)

Photo competition submit black and white photos of interesting dustpan and brooms. Ask for original posts with a link back to the original competition and to submit a link with their entry in the comments section. A panel of three judges to decide the winners (First, Second & Third 5Sbd, 3sbd and 1 sbd with 1 random winner (1sbd) and 10 runner-ups to be given dustbunny accounts worth 0.2sbd)

A photo contest filled with dust. If someone doesn't know the context, it can sound rather boring, but I'm sure people can make something great out of it. :)
Thank you for the suggestion.

Are we allowed to use the banners or graphics to add to the bottom of my posts? Just link to steemit images so we all don't upload the same graphic would be great.

Sorry I missed your comment.
Yes, please feel free to use the @dustsweeper banners. We are happy for all the free promotion. :)

Dust sweeper has stopped topping me off ahd I know for. Fact I wasn’t topped off even close to the number advertised for amount sent
Did I get ripped off or is there a bug? What’s happening?

Hi Artgirl, everything seems to be in order.
But in the last few days, you seem to have had no comments matching the criteria. Maybe you are not aware, but Dusty will not vote if there is only a selfvote.

So far you have received 24 votes and you have a total remaining balance of $1.54.
$0.273 saved that otherwise would have been lost.

Here’s a examples

I have no dustsweeper votes at all the last week or so.



As you can see here my last upvote was from
This 14 day old comment and since nothing. It has only one single upvote besides line and dustsweeper voted it. So clearly the two above as examples show something is up.... A99BD872-8B06-43B2-899F-B35D51EE5624.jpeg

please see the screenshot below of the latest upvotes.

One thing to be aware of is that Dusty cannot guarantee all dust votes to be covered. The demand is too high and we have too little SP, unfortunately. So we have filters in place to allow for votes to be spread equally among all users. So if you have many comments within a similar time window, some will likely be skipped.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 21.59.46.png

Regardless of what was happening
Dustsweeper now toping off proper posts again👍

Hi it definitely missed ones that had other votes not self upvotes. I’m
Well aware self voting it not covered nor should it be.
I have stopped getting dust sweeper votes all together it seems

I want a contest where we can tell creative solutions to make dustsweeper better. It can be technical, emotional or other ways. What can make the sweeper sweeter?

Well. I am a newbie. A lot of us do not know so much about bots or dustsweep. Even if I read - I do not understand everything.
I think the contest name should be "Make the Sweeper Sweeter".
People can come with ideas that make the Dustsweeper more userfriendly, easy to understand or why they should use it.
I have a friend who help me a lot at steemit. But without him - I would be lost. HOW can the service be more simple to understand? To use? That can be the contest.

Thanks for the clarification.
That's a pretty cool idea. It would be an easy contest to host and people are free to propose all kind of improvements. Thanks for that!

Hi Minimining, can you try to be a bit more specific? Please try to give an example of such a contest.
Thank you!

Thank you for your excellent service. I am very happy for your continued support. I have not done any contest, but I will think of one. Your initiative is something very beneficial to minnows like me, and have been outstanding making my upvotes count. I will be back with an idea!

Great to hear that Silversaver888!

Excellent job @danielsaori ... I like the idea of the contest and a great way to get them involved with suggestions for the contest too :)

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