I'm starting a cryptocurrency & Blockchain club on campus!

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So, I have had this little obsession involving cryptocurency, maybe the good people on steemit here can relate.

The problem is, is that there aren't many people to talk about it with or learn from except here on steemit. I mean, you guys are great and all, but some face to face discussion would be nice sometimes. My roommates are disinterested, and I don't blame them, but I know there are plenty of people on campus that would be interested. Hence the club I will be starting!

It may start small at first, but I'm sure it will grow. And if not, then least I tried and put the effort into forming a organization. (It was more work then I thought. I had to write up a three page constitution


I had to fill out a registration, write a letter of intent, sequester a faculty member to be the sponsor. I thought it would be a lot easier, but reading through an example constitution and seeing some of what a organization can do, I kinda understand.

But now it is time to recruit!

Example of the flyer I will post around campus

Content of the club

As I mentioned in the constitution it is going to focus on the technology. I will spend a fraction of the time on the speculative and investment aspect because that is only a small part of what decentralization and crypto currencies are. There is a much bigger proponent at play and it plays out here on steemit. We have already connected the world socially, this can connect it financially. It can provide people services and opportunities that traditional banking was refused to provide them. It is a way to remove a portion of the fraud and manipulation exercised by central banks and governments.

I want to share that understanding with people new to the space, because too often in the media or on youtube, all you hear about is money and price outlooks. Many miss the true point of this technology and the impact it will have.

I also want to clear up much of the misinformation and hopefully give fellow members a good foundation to build their understanding upon.

I would like to educate the greater community of lacrosse on this technology


I want to meet people that know more about crypto then me. I am always apt to learn and I would love to learn more about technical aspects, or mining. I have gotten somewhat of a grasp on technical features, but there is much I don't know or understand.

So, hopefully this club is everything I hope it is going to be! And if not, I won't be discouraged, they will listen eventually!

I'll update my page on the progress,

Wish me luck steemians!

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Great initiative! Steem is the gateway crypto drug to straight edger's. No investment needed and once they try it, they're hooked ;)


hahah good way to put it! I'll spread the crack

Good luck with this new endeavour of your's. I hope you meet a lot of people that share your passion and know a lot more than you.


Thanks! I sure hope so too

Best of luck mate :) :)



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Good luck & don't get discouraged by naysayers or crypto price fluctuations. Imo, cryptocurrencies are the closest thing we have to a Gold Standard/free-market right now. Cryptocurrencies could not exist without the existence or hyperinflation of debt based fiat currencies & we can't go back to a Gold Standard because of fixed gold prices. They're are @ 300 paper ounces to every physical gold ounce, meaning Gold would be @ $400K per ounce right now if we were still on the Gold Standard. This is because of banker manipulation of its price. The dollar has lost @ 85% of its value since 1971, when we went off the Gold Standard. Every dollar one makes today is worth less tomorrow. We must not let the banksters do the same to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency which they have done to gold.


I won't get discouraged, thanks! I will defiantly bring in central bank and government manipulation into discussion at the club

Great idea! Hope you are successful and spread the word on the importance of blockchain in the world! The movement has started, the centralised and controlling entities are hating it and that's the signal that speaks volumes of the potential at stake.
Best of luck,


Thanks, that I certainly do! We all gotta spread it!

This ia a great idea man! Not too many months ago a friend of mine wanted to get into crypto and asked me what I would put my money in. I said ETH, BTC & LTC. This is back when ETH was $250'ish and he ended up doing very well. From time to time he calls me to talk crypto and he always says, "Its so nice to have someone to talk to about all this." Like you said, not everyone wants to hear what we have yo say but those who do really really want to hear it. This is going to grow and grow brother, GodBless.


Exactly! Gotta have someone else to talk to about it!

This is a great initiative @diezeldiddy! I agree with what you said about meeting face to face. While online interaction is good and all, nothing beats physical meet-ups 😁


Thanks! Hopefully there are some like minded individuals on my campus!

Hi man, sounds like a really good idea! I have a decent understanding of block-chain technology, but I don't call myself an expert. But having a universal platform that people can use as reference, would be awesome. Through my research, everything is very scattered and mostly written for other tech-people (so tough language). Focussing your project on 'the average Joe' would be great! :) I am looking forward to see your idea grow!


Thanks man! Yah I wouldn't consider myself a expert (hope to be one day), but helping other people understand the basics is what I'm aiming for. Thanks for the encouragement!

Good luck bro. This is a good initiatives. I think I should do that same. Perhaps one day we can collaborate


That would be sweet! I'm sure one day these clubs will be common on campus, but we get to be the pioneers. Where do you go?

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