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Along my walk through the newbie alley this morning
( as I do every day for @heyhaveyamet and @steemterminal ) both accounts that you should follow by the way , When i saw a few “ newbie-oldies “ starting over again.
Here is an example :
Thank god for my ability to see a picture and remember it is not a “ new “ account. It’s a re-Starter. The reasons are diverse. So here I am again. There are a lot of things here on Steemit regarding to protecting keys, security of accounts and attempts to steel from people that are trusting.

So I take this opportunity to tell you about a few important things. Just in case .......

Steemit passwords, come in : keys.
Would you give your house keys to a stranger ?
NO offcourse not!
So , don’t do it in this house or account either , please. You have keys/passwords given to you when you became member and owner of your account.


The posting key is used for posting and voting.


The active key is used to make transfers and orders


The owner key is the master key for the account and is required to change other keys. You have to keep it offline and maybe possible to write it down because it has the control over your account.

Master key


The posting key is the key that is used to make blogposts , comments , upvote and/or follow other accounts. With the owner key you are in charge of your Steem account. With this key it is possible to post, vote or transfer steem and steempower.
With your owner key, a hacker can take full control over your account and change the other keys and with that transfer your hard earned Steem and your Steem dollars to another account. So it’s the best not to leave your keys in a file on your lap- or desktop which is connected to the internet. Because when a hacker can compromises your computer, he then has those important keys. The master key is the last one.

Pasword recovery
If your account is compromised you have 30 days to recover your own account from the moment it was compromised. This can only be done on steemit.com and you have to know the most recent password/key.
for your account and the recovery. We have witnessed this in the discord Steemterminal a few times, and luckily were able to retrieve a few accounts along the way. But Always better be safe, than sorry. As I said before You wouldn’t be the first that had to start all over.

Backup your keys in offline backups and make sure you save those saved over multiple locations so when a disaster strikes, you still have your account information on another place. And make a note for loved ones, in case something happens. If you are a non steemian you need instructions, this isn’t a hobby this is business. Be prepared.

So RECAP and important:
• don’t share your keys
• if things look awkward don’t log in
• don’t give out to much of your information

And remember when something looks to good to be true isn’t true !

If you are secured , FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS AND
Join discord steemterminal and start making friends without running out of resource credits. We are all in the Terminal to help you off to a great flight on our steemisfere. So use this link https://discord.gg/BFYYwV
And come take a look.

Last but not least please vote for your witness, these accounts are making it possible that there is a block to blog on. I am the Community Manager for witness Blockbrothers , for more info about that and the Steemify app please look at this blog :

Alot to take in but please, Feel free to ask questions in the comments or come visit us in the Steemterminal.
The tickets are free!

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated
And remember Focus on Being creative instead of Being busy ! Or become a #powerhousecreatives

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I fully support witness and developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support them, they would appreciate your vote here.

They build Steemify, a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.
Get it Here:

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Sources used : My own private stock collection, Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog.

I would like to thank all my STEEMIT friends who have been supporting me. Feel free to leave me any feedback.

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Reminds me that I should try to store passwords a little bit more safely than my current setup now...it's just awkwardly unsafe for now, lol.

But writing down in a piece of paper doesn't sound like the safest option ever as well, I'm terrible at keeping papers. :P

An usb or a external server but not all keys together please

Thanks - a good reminder to keep the keys somewhere safe.

Yes indeed and if something infortunatw happens like with a great friend of ours last week , family can decide to powersown ot become a steemian too.
So it works two ways

That's a good reminder. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! Have a great day

Yes we tend to forget this and we need to educate and we need to learn everybody that its a real danger if you dont

I was not aware that accounts get hacked soo often.. I am a bit afraid now .. thank you for the reminder !!

Ohhhh they do !!! If you come to the steemterminal discord we will be glad to help wit all things that you wonder about

Good reminder, and who knows, if even one old timer sees this and stops using the master key for everything, it's totally worth it, and cannot stress this enough with the newbies.

No we both see alot of newbies eveyday and this is a real nesseccity , luckily we see old newbies from a mile away , but education is needed

Smart move reposting this information again. Last week, I was thinking about re-sharing the posts I published after I got hacked last year. People can never be too informed!

Well please do , I remember and it’s great for the new accounts we welcome in the steemterminal and you are not alone. This is and old blog by me as well just made it different and I use it for the new welcome message

this is a cool explanation for newbies
thank you for sharing Britt

Well it’s needed, I see a lot of re-Joyner’s to the platform so Took a chance to educate

To many it is, the keeping your keys to yourself and voting for witnesses is the least of the focus , i want to keep focussing on that !

I just print it out and keep somewhere safe. Post Active and Memo are kept on keychain app and in encrypted .zip
I still don't know the difference between master and owner. I believe it is technical, for example master can get owner but owner cannot get master. In anycase both should be kept 100% offline.

Also did you know you can change recovery from steemit to anyone you wish? I don't recommend, but it stops steemit from having special powers.

Maybe I should do a part two with the knowledge about the key chain.

And no i didnt but why would accounts want go change recovery from steemit ? I dont understand !

If you start making alt accounts, you may want to set your main account to be able to recover them. Also, if you are giving accounts to family and friends who may not be as savvy. Or for example, Steemit now wants a telephone number and an email address, maybe you don't want to give that personal information to Steemit. Finally, it would be pretty crazy if steemit had this monopoly.

My account is set to Steem as recovery, even though I used Steemit to sign up. I don't know what happens if you use another large dapp. I have a few extra accounts, and I would happily give them away to anyone kind enough to ask and I don't even want anyone's phone number or email.

Useful information.... Diluted

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Yes so nesseccary its yours and tou sont give out house keys either so be safe always

Yes.thank you

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