A Good Comments Can Earn You Rewards !!

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Follow - Upvote - Resteem The 3 words that make Steemit common platform and unites every member of the platform. If you are a novice or experienced on Steemit , you will find these 3 words on every posts. While Follow helps in increase your folower base. Upvote helps you in getting some Curation Rewards. Whereas Resteem helps in an indirect publicity of the user content and able to reach to maximum users.



One of the important aspect of Steemit is Curation. Curation is done through Upvote and Commnets and if you gonna make a meaningful relevant comments, there are higher probability of earning some Rewards on your Comments. This is true..and already shared earlier, my first Rewards of 9$ in Oct 2017 on Steemit was through comme2017only.

Comments on any posts is an important way to engage and develop a community. A meaningful and thoughtful comments helps in developing a bonding with the authors and other user who can interact through commenting. There are few authors who really appreciate some engaging comments on their posts and rewards them. Some of them are:

  • @adsactly:- The best community of Authors, Writers, Travellers etc on Steemit. Their post not only contains a good content but also entertain each of the comments made. And rewardd the best and meaningful one.

  • @communitycoin:- The brain child of @donkeypong this community is another bunch of great authors and writers. They regularly posts about Life, Love and Travels. They reward when there is some engaging comments.

  • @donkeypong:-The great write up ob any subject. @donkeypong make sure to share tge detailed analysis of the facts and thessis of the subject. And if you are one of the early commentors, you are in win win situation.

  • @rok-sivante: The great musician and authors on Steemit. Pretty good in music and so good in writing. Their contents is suppoeted by amazing images and in case you hit the nail of the content you will rewarded.

These are few of them . There are many other identical authors and community who keep posting quality contents and rewards on the meaningful comment. You only need to find out some of them as per your interest. The best way to earn few, i woulds suggest is to follow some of them and engage on their content to earn some rewards. But make sure to have Meaningful & Relevant comments.

Steemit is pool of ample oppurtunities through engagement.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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wow... that is cool. well, i always have the habit of upvoting good comments since upvoting comments doesnt hurt =)
good only though. (upvoting this comment for visibility, n spread awareness of voting comments because upvoting is caring

Thanks @asianetwork people do upvote to ear curation but if you put your comment as well it gives author and other users aboht your mindset and approach towards the content.....👍

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There have been times when my comments earned even more than my articles. Commenting really is important if you wanna engage, interact and grow with the community.

I've had some really really heartwarming comments on some of my articles and I really couldn't be more thankful to those people. It's so so important to value others work.

Commenting what you genuinely liked about someone's post can mean the world to them. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention :)

That what i meant @ayushjalan people always see rewards in post content but underestimate the importance of commenting. It is secondary importsnt source of earning rewards

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Great post and thanks a lot for sharing those names, I need to check few of them...

Keep on spreading the knowledge! :D

Thanks @whack.science these are only few there would many...whom we not aware of

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Thanks for featuring these entities and brief descriptions on what they do and what they're about. It's a good place to start and engage on topics that one might share interests with as well as learning from one another.

Have a great day.

Thanks @starapple comments helps your recognition the commentators in authors mind thereby helping their visibility

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Thanks to you as well. Yes, i think it is a good way to provide feedback; allows one to understand more about the specifics of certain subjects. And of course their visibility as you mentioned.
Thankful for your visit and response. Have a wonderful day. :)

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Thankd @steemitblogers glad to be part of FANTABULOUS team..👍

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Indeed, comments are considered as good as posts, I realised it after few days, here on Steemit.... Thank you for pointing out some bloggers who appreciate meaningful comments, it could turn out to be very helpful.... :-)

Thanks @lastravage these are few may there would ve pool of such authors on steemit

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I guess it's all about finding them... :-)

Exactly...regular authors and concerns about the post feedback

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Thank you for sharing! I have some problems here : does each upvote will earn a payout? And, where could I find resteem button?

Heyy @fruityexplorer the payout depends upon the vote value. The vote value is decided by the SP ( Steem Power) in the wallet the more sp the more vote value. The user can decide the voting percentage as well if they have more tha 500 SP.....the belog button is there like a curved arrow..hopefully its ok.

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Thank you for clear explanation! :)
Would you mind to share on how to earn sp in a shorter time ?

Through engaging comments we earn not just rewards but most of all real followers and readers.

Such a quality content.
Have a nice day!
More power

Great understanding👌...its a win win case if you comments regularly... @joyrobinson

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A great post and reminds me I should be upvoting more comments its something I often forget

Thanks JJ...comments gives you trye feedback

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Commenting on accounts such of these is an excellent way to grow a new account, but it also helps attract followers. I often look around for articles that I can thoughtfully comment on and then tend to follow users who will reply or at least upvote. Its all about user engagement.

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

You nailed it @toddrjohnson its a win win case in any way if you comments regularly

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Nice information @steemflow. I think there are many more positive people here who helps others.

Thanls @akdx there would be pool of people....just need to pull them

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Yes, comments are always nice and it's something I need to be better about I know. Especially because I know nice comments can give someone what they need to make that next post and keep going. Thanks for the advice, this is a very good post with very true words!

Thanks @sigilmancy 👍 a nice comments motivates the user to write more enthusiatically

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That is fabulous, that you earned such rewards on Steemit with comments! Great reminder to all of us! TheAllianceStar-25x25.png And welcome to #steemitbloggers 😊

Namaste that's so good post my friend especially for newbie, have a nice weekend

yes nice on share the good one out there let me add inn @boxmining and he is making very good crypto info not on 50x but on the ide of crypto.
if u are erly u get good upvotes from him. or a do :P

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Very True! Your commmets not only gives you upvotes and recognition but also boost up author’s morale when they get commmets and acknowledgment on their genuine posts! So basically it is giving and getting !

Vwry true...👍 its a win win situation for both

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Thank you for pointing out these good natured people.

Commenting not only earns you extra rewards, but it keeps you connected with your audience, and they'll remember you more and visit your blog more often, which means more upvotes for your posts.

You nailed it correctlly.....that is why it is important part of Steemit...

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Commenting can earn you good revenue, and it also helps bring more people to your own blog so you can earn that way as well.
#thealliance #witness

Its always a good bargain..a win win situation either you earn or either you get visibility

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Good thing to point out. Many people that are new to the platform do focus on the upvote and resteem part of the equation, perhaps a holdover from other platforms, or looking for an immediate reward hit.

Commenting and curation are longer term actions to build a following. I did notice there were perhaps more rewarding posts that I probably should comment on, but I often find they don't interest me as much as the ones that I do end up commenting on!

Its always a win win situation..with rewards or visibility...together

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I agree that leaving good comments is maybe one of the most important aspects on SteemIt.
Although there is a big difference in monetary rewards for comments compared to for example last December, it is the ultimate way to engage with others, get to know them and build your network. And the bigger and better your network is, the more exposure your posts will get. Not to mention all the fun that one can have in a comments section underneath a post ;0)

Last December the steem prices were high so as the comments rewards. But still making a sensible comments is a win win situation as it may earn you rewards and in case not it help to build your identity

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Last December the steem prices were high so as the comments rewards. But still making a sensible comments is a win win situation as it may earn you rewards and in case not it help to build your identity

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I couldn't agree more.
Actually, commenting takes up most of my time here on SteemIt. I'm often so busy commenting I don't even have time to write posts, lol

That is what kept me going in this platform .and I believe it have helped me alot.

Great @egbujorvictor. Keep steeming

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