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I miss the goth days in the 90s, when The Crow, The Cure, and Neil Gaiman’s Death reigned. The subculture thankfully has lived on — check out the Cat Club in SF for evidence. And once in a while, it gains immortality... as seen here in the 1st appearance of X-23, Wolverine’s clone:


I’ve posted Original Art and movie stills of X-23 before. But the above image will forever stick in my mind’s eye, along with this cover, her first with the claws out:


Been busy as a bee lately, traveling all over the globe. Will try to post more often when I have time — nonetheless, I’m continuing to read my Steem fam’s latest!

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I am sorry, I cannot evaluate your post. This can have several reasons, for example, it may not be long enough, it's not in English, or has been filtered, etc.

I've been busy with summer too! Sorry for the late comment. I love these books so much. My favorite gothy comic (more industrial really) is Poison Elves. I miss Drew Hayes RIP

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She is indeed a very interesting character, and these covers are awesome. I think the first one will be my favourite of the two. Thanks!

Where ya been bud???

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