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Beat Bob Vinyl - Page 84 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

Vinyl has been all the rage for some years now. I have even bought new pressed records by contemporary artists, a thing I would never have imagined back when the whole world made the large shift to CD, a technology I simply have given up on. I did rip a few of my many CDs to FLAC, and whenever I get the time the rest

*Dygtig Hund (Good Dog) is one of the bands I have bought on vinyl.

So now every city that sport a reasonable amount of culture have at least one vinyl-shop - Liverpool of course included.

The owner do look like a fat version of Bill Bailey - when I thought of a small British shop of this sort I immediately thought of Bilbo Bagshot from the TV-series Spaced and Manny Bianco from Black Books. I really just like his face.

Happy reading.


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I used to be a avid collector, and I also had the White Album in my collection. Crazy maybe, but at that time I bought everything my fave bands (including the Beatles) published. As it happened, I later was in a bad relationship, and the b&%§h ripped off my entire vinyl collection.
Something else, mentioned briefly in one of the comments about covers: as a art lover, vinyl albums are the best - and my fave was the inside image on Steppenwolf "For Ladies Only" - looking at the album while listening to the music doubled my pleasure. You just don't get that with a CD.

The LP was the golden age of covers.

Ringo as a Arumbayan fetish!! But hey....the ear is unbroken.
Havent got much to say on vinyls, but I do miss the covers.

I was actually thinking of this:

But yes, it could also be this:


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@dismayedworld 'made' me buy her a record player around 8 months ago. I now have to accompany her to junk markets in search of rare vinyl. Some of the classics are stupid money, like £30 each.

Fascinating that she still is interested. Shows a devoted nature. Some records are extremely expensive, but sometimes you can buy great things for a pound and sometimes I have people simply giving them to me.

There are real reasons some vinyl sounds better than CD; on of them is by choice. Dynamic range compression and "filling up until it clips" have had some nasty consequences.

I digitise old vinyl myself, and I found that digitised copies of 12" singles sound really great; much better than "remastered" stuff you can get on CD or by download.

And: poor Ringo.

Agree. I have had some CDs that was to lousy to listen to. Records just have it all natively. I have never digitsed my LPs as I mostly listen to music in my home, but I do have some music files from a friends made from his record collection.

And: yes.

And: thanks for the Steemit button! I am behind with everything... and now it is soon summer :(

You're welcome. I think. Did you use it or something?

Not yet. I am so very slow working right now.

Well, if you want to use it on, you will have to draw two new buttons to stay "in style". More work 😈.

I will gladly help you with your pages on Github while you lie on the floor.

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