Penciling Into Madness! Another Ithaqa Work in Progress Update

in comics •  5 months ago


“As I drew the last arc of that strange symbol... I felt my mind begin to unravel... like thread from a spool.”

Or... maybe I’m just getting tired and over dramatic, stopping here for a night’s rest!

If you haven’t been following along, please check out my last several posts on Steemit & Steepshot to get up to speed on the “Ithaqa” crowdfunding campaign on Fundition! Help get an amazing comic by @drwatson and @la-fumettista published and earn some sweet backer rewards (like this art I’m drawing!) for yourself in the process.

The “liquid” non Steem Power awards from this post will be donated to the Ithaqa Project on Fundition.

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Hey bryan,

I really like the drawings your doing. :)

!up 25


Thank you! And I'm still enjoying MinnowSmith as well! Thanks for setting up a fun project.


@bryan-imhoff That's great; I appreciate your support! :)

Beautiful, love their expressions!

Nice character expressions! Always cool to see half penciled panels.


Thanks! I love seeing other artist's progress pieces, glad that others feel the same about mine!

nice sketch, bryan :D the expressions on both ladies are very communicative :>

Hi, congratz, you are now listed on the Steemians directory. You can read more about this new initiative here:
If you like this project it would be great if you could resteem the post to make more people aware of it.
If you don’t want to be listed just leave me a comment and I will delete your profile from the website. As I just added you, your profile will stay visible on the homepage of the directory ( at least until my next update post on steemit.
Thank you very much for reading and I’m looking forward to your feedback!
PS: I’m NOT a bot so… I’m really looking forward to some feedback 😊

Always nice to see your work :) and the expressions are priceless!

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