Final how many winners will be rewarded.

Good concept in participation

It is a great concept of testing people.

good work friend

Greetings football, I look that has a little mistake about this rank especially for rank and badge number for me.

I should have got 30 badges, but I see there is one of my badges is missing, that is for the match of Marocco and Iran in the preliminary round. In there I was successfully guessing the winner and successfully got the badge from @steemitboard. But in today's result announcement the badge is missing, there may be a mistake and I want to ask you to check once again and can give me an answer.

Bellowing this, I would attach my upvote, my successful guesses from @steemitboard, and the ranking before.
it's just for improvement, and overall this contest is very nice and adds to the excitement we watching would cup 2018. Thank you and always a success.




Dear @total88, please read this post where we explain why we had to reprocess badges attribution.

The vote limit for the match Group Phase - Morocco vs Iran was 2018-06-15 15:00:00
You made your vote for Iran at 2018-06-15 14:56:15, which is OK
But you made your registration at 2018-06-15 15:01:03, which is after the time limit, hence the reason you lost that badge.

It may seem cruel, but we must respect the rules we have defined and, to stay fair with all players, we can not make exceptions, even for 1 minute and 3 seconds. We are really sorry.

Dear @steemitboard, I can understand it and thank you for the detail explanation.

hello @steemitboard ,
How do I check how many trophies I have?

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