Arsenic Lullaby - Short Comics Tex Buckaroo vs Giant eyeball

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Was about to put up the Krampus story when I noticed a cryptic email from @veryspider asking me not to, using terminology I only half way understand (hey...gimmie a break, I've only been on here for...oh...three months...I should probably understand what this stuff means by now).'s a bunch of stuff, while I figure out what it meant.

Tex Buckaroo is a character I like and like to draw, but is pretty similar to a lot of other A.L. characters as far as his disposition and what the jokes derive from- a beligerant lack of understanding of the world as it is and lack of giving a fuck about figuring it out . Hmmm...sounds like someone else you know, eh? He's a ghost of an old T.V. cowboy from the 40's/50's. Think of the worst person on Mad Men...and and 10% more gregariousness (that might not be a word...just go with it)

This cover for a book he was in just would not turn out as good as the concept. It was supposed to look like you are seeing his reflection in a giant eyeball...and I guess it does, just..I my head it was supposed to be better. I guess it turned out alright, it got nominated for an Eisner award for "Best humor publication". I got beat by some reprinted collection of some comic strips I never heard of from 60years ago...which technically should not have even been in the same category because it was reprinted work. But ...whatever...I'm not interested in awards, I have less integrity than that. All I care about is the money!









c19.jpg's a couple other shorts...




...more in a couple days.

In the meantime you can always get physical collections at the Arsenic Lullaby website or just check out the site to see other stuff.

AND I'll be at this here comic-con in a few weeks!


Also, the tags list on Steemit is generated by code...which puts tags up there based on ONLY popularity of use. You will notice that as of yet #comics does not exist there. So what we have been doing the past week or so is using the hashtag #comics every single time we comment on my posts ( or any other posts if you like). It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to use it...the code doesn't know the difference!



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Love your style and #comics! Still need to read all the #comics...but will do read the rest of the #comics soon!

Here is my #comics tag:

And did I say #comics?


you did say I recall it was when you mentioned your appreciation for my #comics Thanks! Glad you liked the #comics !


You (and your #comics) are very welcome! Ha I knew I said #comics somewhere. Trying to get another sentence with #comics in it but I'm a bit out of inspiration so I can't really use the #comics tag. So I guess I just have to say #comics to get the #comics tag in my reply.

Anyway I really hope the #comics tag gets more popular and will try next time to use more #comics in my sentences.

Good luck with the #comics tag!

LOL that poor kid will be even more confused now that he's advised by two giant jerks XD.          


hahah, oh yeah...that kid is fucked. #comics

Ah man, I hadn’t seen that Tex story before. Absolutely some fresh laughter for me. You sir, make some funny #comics!


why thank you, I think Tex has only appeared twice in A.L. #comics . If you want, I can put the other one up later this week #comics

Very cool #comics! I loved all of them! 😂


ThankS a ton! ....By the way...every time you forget to use #comics on my post a kitten dies from gonorrhea. Y'know...just and FYI , but do as you wish!

omg don't just out our secret encoded messages out in the open like that !!! THINK ABOUT REPUTATION !!!

like think about the word "reputation"

the more i think about it, the funnier it becomes

I reputes you, sir

I absolutely reputes YOU

hisses quietly as the word reputes leaves the lips


no seriously, what does it mean



I need to give you the decoding keywords so you can unravel that email's message


I only outed that a message was received. I gave no particulars as to what was said. I'm on discord... ArsenicLullaby#2207 well, not at this very moment because I'm about to leave. but that's my address on there (is t called an address?)


you have endangered the entire operation

the ENTIRE operation

we may have to execute other personnel because of you

i hope you are happy


For reasons I am unclear on...I am unhappy and ashamned

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I love your #comics. 😉

Keep the #comics coming!!

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Thanks #comics! I'll have more #comics for you tomorrow!

Loving the #comics :) Keep 'em coming


Thanks I'll do my best #comics!

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