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Mondays don't hold quite the same stigma when you work a variable retail work schedule like I do. Under those conditions all days receive equal chance of being dreaded and despised. But... being that today was Monday and I worked, I did have a chance to experience a "case of the Mondays" albeit softened by the chance to open a couple cases of sweet geek loot I received!

The shipments in question comprised my first order in a couple years from Discount Comic Book Service (DCBS) as well as an order of blank, customizable Funko Pops! that I mentioned in this post... earmarked for a special project related to my own comic production, "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..."

The boxes before their unveiling... it's not quite a Christmas tree with presents underneath, but the Ikea tabletop that has become my de facto geek loot photo studio has begun to embody some of the same ideals of anticipated fun and joy!

The Previews catalog is a monthly highlight. Even at the full retail of $4.00 it's worth it, and DCBS charges only $1.00, as it is absolutely the best way to entice customers to just buy more... more... more! I turn through its pages like I used to devour the JC Penney Christmas Catalog as a kid. It has hundreds of pages of product listings and preview art that feed my collecting and creative sides. This catalog lists all the comics and merchandise which will be released two months in the future, allowing fans and retailers to place their advance orders, just as I placed the order for this particular shipment over two months ago!

Previews also has one other special bonus. It smells great. A nice smell of newsprint paper that reminds me of the comic books that first got me reading and collecting 30 years ago. Not many comics smell like that anymore as the paper stock has changed over time... but it's nice that the main catalog of comics evokes that wonderful scent of the past!

Comic books themselves are the Alpha and Omega of my collecting and artistic passions. This order is rather light as I placed it when I was just starting to venture back into buying and reading comics on a more regular basis. Since then I've made a number of trips to brick and mortar comic shops, which I'll continue to support in addition to the DCBS orders. I've discovered more titles I'd like to read and explore and my subsequent orders have doubled, and doubled yet again! It'll have to be reigned in now, or else the exponential growth of my orders will leave me penniless and building shelter on the streets out of comic book storage boxes. I'll do my best to not have it come to that.

Time to dive into some reading! Pop! making will have to wait a bit as I've yet to acquire the sculpting and painting tools I'll need... That'll be another fun box to unpack in the future I'm sure!


So what's everyone else been reading and accumulating? Leave some pictures and lists in the comments if you like, I'm always up for looking at some "nerd porn."


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Love DCBS. I have been a customer with them for 5+ years now. It is an especially nice service when your nearest local #comics shop is 50 miles away. And, I just did a post about Previews on my Steemit blog a couple of days ago.


I enjoyed your Previews post! I appreciate highlighting some of the stuff to keep an eye on this month! I have yet to sit down and go through my copy... I can’t believe September is almost half over already.
I’ve used DCBS in spurts over the years, always been very happy with their service. It’s just my time & money running short that’s caused lapses! The only thing that gives me a pang of guilt is getting to know brick & mortar shop owners like @blewitt, but I haven’t abandoned my local comic shop entirely for DCBS.

Happy to find out about Previews. I'll be checking it out. The best comic I've read recently is Unwritten. Really original. Its subject matter is the importance of stories and how they shape our lives.


Is that the Vertigo comic by Mike Carey or is there a different one? I’ll add it to my long “to read” list! Sounds great and it’s been on my radar a while. I got to meet the artist who did many of the covers , Yuko Shimizu, at a museum exhibit and have followed her work since.


Yeah that's it! Nice. She's super talented. I actually came across it by reading my favorite blogger. Here's the link to that article if you're interested .

Ohhhh your pieces arrived, I love it!
I can not wait to see how you personalize them.
It is incredible to have these magazines, the aroma of new is rich.

I imagine that with the amount of comics you've collected in so many years you have a fortune in relics, I can not imagine how much could be worth a famous comic in good condition


I don’t have many famed comics... but they’re all wonderful to look at! My finances would be better if I saved all the money spent on comics, but where’s the fun in that!?!

That West Coast Avengers is fun. Interested to see what they do with Gwenpool. A Walk Through Hell written by Garth Ennis is amazing!


I’ve been wanting to read West Coast Avengers! The hardest part about the advance mail ordering is seeing the issues on the rack at the local shop during the month, and holding off buying them as they’re already slated to arrive in my shipment! A couple times I’ve had to check my preorder invoices to avoid buying duplicates too! I’ll have to look for that Ennis book, thanks for the recommendation!

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