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RE: Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 21

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Thank you @comedyopenmic for helping to support Project Giving with the banner and message on your announcement post. We love, love, love what you are doing bringing joy and laughter to steemit. COM is an amazing community and competition 🙂


I want to add my message of thanks and support for Comedyopenmic in supporting Project Giving. Both projects are spreading joy in different ways, but both are doing something that I think steemit needs, projecting positive vibes out into the steem-o-sphere.... Can you tell I'm just a big hippie at heart ;-)

hey where's your next COM entry Raj?

I posted one a few days ago. I wonder if I have done everything right. Yes, I must have cause the magical COM fairy visited and upvoted my post. Here it is for you to get down to the hip-hop vibes @dj123, I think you'll like! Maybe you could do a guest dj set one time ;-)

oh so now you're like bad-ass rapper and can't read english huh?

next COM entry Rajy!

ahem...i'm only demanding because i want to upvote you, besides that stupid COM bot seems to love you too much

oh so now you're like bad-ass rapper and can't read english huh?

Word to you momma! Fo shiz!

I get it. You mean a second entry. I have never done two COM entries in a single week before. I'm not sure I have enough funny in these here funny bones. Hmnnnn.... Ok challenge accepted, I shall try to get another one up today before going to watch the football where I intend to get messily drunk 🍻 😏