{COM #47 entry II} Santa & Baby Jesus gifts 2019.

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Hey! Hurry! hurry up kids!!

Let's check under the Christmas Tree to see what Santa & Baby Jesus brought to us this year. This time should be something splendid and unexpected. Right?

Ahh these two funny guys always joking & messing with me on Christmas.

Well folks, traditionally every year I usually publish, show and share with you all the Christmas gifts that the usual suspects have brought me every Dic. 25th.

You can read the previous reports of such amazing surprises making click Here for 2017's binnacle and over Here for 2018's story.

Meanwhile this December the 25th...

"Yep! that's the majestic sunrise view from my window this year. (Dic.25 2019)"

First of all I have to tell you that I've stayed awake all night long.

Yeah! sleepless working on steemit from the night of 24 until that 'fresh' sunrise of 25. Well, 'working' reading, upvoting and curating your great content as usual.
I bet you know what I mean by working right? };)

But I stayed awake more than anything talking with an unforeseen and unexpected Christmas visitor. Yeah, one who didn't talk much, but still had me quite busy in a very lively talk. Lively talking with myself on an endless soliloquy, as usual.

Yep, look over here below to know what kind of enthusiastic silent visitor I was trying to have a lively conversation with...

«-Her "Taa-daah" appearance-»

«-A mildly close-up-»

«-When we decided celebrate the encounter & meeting with a fine glass of wine-»

«-When I approached to hear better what she was saying-»

«-She said: ¡I'm afraid I don't like this sort of toasts!-»

Excuse me the lousy photos buddies. But as I've said many times before. I have not a better camera or fancy smartphone to please your visual whims right now.

Inclusive I would have loved to also upload to 3Speak, dTube or wherevah, a short and cool video that I've taken showing the lovely conversation that we both had.

Lovely indeed! She always with her seductive, challenging, very menacing and constantly bossy female glance. In fact, I still have her captive here with me since last night. Since I was attentive all day long alongside the foot of the Christmas Tree during all this 25 patiently waiting for Santa and baby Jesus arrival... :)

I tried to maintain the hopes that although delayed, one of them finally would show up. And perhaps, just maybe, any of them would bring me... erm... I dunno... something. Perhaps a fancier smartphone or a better internet connection to be able to watch videos, upload videos and stuff like that online.

But nah! same as the previous years, they brought me nothing, yet.

Zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nada, nothing.

Well, nothing new here as you can see. 'As you can see', especially if you dared to click on the colored texts above to check and read the links.

I guess I will have to get used to these Yuletideish outcomes. These disappointing events already began to happen since long time ago. And obviously and evidently lately each year its dispiriting outcomes repeat themselves way too often now.

Therefore, I'm afraid I will have no choice but throw thru the window right away to my stealthy guest, not previously invited nor announced, Madame Spider.

I suspect she will be very happy to return to her usual habitat as to plan pay me a new visit in a near future. I suppose on an occasion when she find me somewhat less alert and out of guard. Yeah, you know. As if to give me an authentic surprise on a December 25th. ¡Ha yes! that's right, she's female after all! :p

Well, unless the scorpions come forward way earlier than her. Who also use to visit me periodically without any previous announcements from time to time in this new place where I am now.

Either way, I suppose that now I have to feel grateful and content for the delightful sudden company and not have spent these two days alone as in other years.

Like a Venezuelan currently living in Venezuela. I suspect that the only other thing for which I feel a little sorry for myself right now. It is because I was unable to join this year to the international gourmet celebration of every December 25.

"Worldwide International Gourmet Celebration"

Well, I was reading a post last night written by @doitvoluntarily where he says that The Busiest Day For Chinese Restaurants are on Christmas day the 25th.

And I agree with him because I have already lived it in my own flesh for many years. I think this has become a worldwide phenomenon everywhere around the globe. Because no matter where you live, I suspect that food in general has lately become way more expensive than before everywhere across the world.

And with the current epidemic of job shortages, low wages or stagnant wages and lack of economic income opportunities through the traditional jobs market.
It doesn't surprise me at all that a vast majority of people worldwide has been unable to purchase enough food for Christmas Eve as to have some leftovers to store in their fridges for eat reheated later the actual Christmas Day on 25th.

That's why I think that you, me and everyone else should actually pay attention more actively to blockchain technologies. Its continuous advances, evolution and development as freedom and emancipation technology. The literally ongoing and factual collective effort carried out by their communities, tribes and whatnot.

We all here on the steem blockchain are pretty aware of this reality. In a way, we are pioneers in these economic alternatives of sustainability and subsistence.

And we have already been able to test and verify in some way its digital, physical and material reach and in the way that it's interwoven with our daily life and own reality. There is no doubt that we have to become its evangelists asap.

Meanwhile and regardless of my current shortcomings living in a country where opportunities and things get worse every day. Even with this against me, I hope to continue contributing to the cause by adding my humble grain of sand content.

Well, yes, I suppose everything will depend on how often and successful those furtive, silent, unexpected and eventual visits of my undesired guests can be from now on until next Dic. 25 2020 as to grab me off guard... };)

And how wild, awful & merciless the economic hyperinflation may become in short in my country as to be able to impede me to get online to try to earn a few cents and in consequence making me unable to feed me well and appropriately as to not succumb of famine sooner than expected.

Certainly, none of these undesirable trends is getting any easier in my country. And as I suspect neither anywhere else on this planet, for that matter. Yikes! Yikess.png

Oops, it's 6:00am here right now folks. I guess time to release the involuntary captive lady spider in the wild and hit the sack right now to catch some due sleep.

Wish me luck guys. Just pray so that she won't get back here soon with a vindictive intention before December the 31th. Maybe only that way, (if no other novelties or unexpected visitors emerges) I will be able to wish you all next a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020. :)

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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What if that Spider carried the same stuff as the one which created Spiderman, and this was Santa's gift to you – great power & great responsibility.

Haha, with my usual bad luck there is no way that any spider bite would give me the funny super powers of Spiderman, Hulk or anything like that.

Phew!! cool, now I can feel free of responsibilities. LoL

I can't wait to see what your babies look like. I would take one for my grow room to keep the fruit fly population down. I'm just assuming that she is going to rape you while you sleep.

Oh yeah! no doubt they can do a splendid job to keep the fruit fly population down. I've seen closely her actions and how they carry on those daredevil tasks sometimes.

I'm just assuming that she is going to rape you while you sleep.

You betcha that would be the case. While most sleep, unaware, unprepared and off guard I will be, she will rape me mercilessly. No doubt about that. Hahaha

Instead of investing in weird tribe tokens & speculative cryptocurrencies, just throw a few coins in this bet and you will have your lambo in no time. };)

I am not a big fan of spiders, but that one looks friendly.

Yeah! she was actually pretty friendly.

I'm kind of starting missing her right now. :)

Just wait and be attentive until I publish the eventual incursions and visits of the scorpions these next days. I bet you'd like that I introduce you properly with them, since I've mentioning them to you several times before.

That gif made me watch it 3 times :D

Instead of Santa, you got Spider - a sign of...... I am not sure.

I also didn't partake in much of a gourmet meal this year, and in fact was flying solo on Christmas day - yes, not even a spider :)

I did think about taking a picture of my baked beans on toast and releasing it into the wild - I could have eating a little better but this year was my stance against eating too much bird.

Here's hoping for a more prosperous 2020 for you and all.

That gif made me watch it 3 times :D

Yeah! those guys are not only authentic jesters. They also make their jokes a little bit cryptic and puzzling. Hahaha

Instead of Santa, you got Spider - a sign of...... I am not sure.

I believe... a sign of... that we will never be completely and absolutely alone in this universe no matter how hard we try. :)

I also didn't partake in much of a gourmet meal this year, and in fact was flying solo on Christmas day - yes, not even a spider :)

I would send you a lovely creole madame spider of mine if I had the right means or technology. Maybe some teletransportation or 3D printing blockchain stuff soon is all we'll need.

As for the gourmet meat... Didn't you consider going down to the Chinese and reheating a few lumpias at home?

I did think about taking a picture of my baked beans on toast and releasing it into the wild - I could have eating a little better but this year was my stance against eating too much bird.

I wouldn't mind watch a couple of photos of your baked beans on toast. Who knows, maybe I could even plagiarize your recipe to combat famine if things get worse with this ongoing hyperinflation over here. ;)

Here's hoping for a more prosperous 2020 for you and all.

Yep! that's all we have at the moment. Hopes, will, enthusiasm and trust in what we can do by ourselves. Let's see how many years I still have left ahead to crystallize all of them. :)