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RE: Comedy Contest - ComedyOpenMic - Week 1 - Total Prize Pool 210SBD + 50Steem.

Wow! Thank you for this contest! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Here is my Entry:


Thanks for the resteem and entry :-)

Thank you for the vote, I hope you will bring contest like this every week :) Love to join this :D

Please be patient on reading my Entry.

Can we use bots for the upvote of our entry?
@idikuci Anyway, I followed you.

I don't have anything against the bots. If you want to use bots to improve your chances then ok.

Thank you! The problem is, I don't have SBD. I only have .300SBD hahaha

Hello, @dj123
I don't violate any rule. I ask @idikuci first before I used any bots.
I hope you will consider my entry. :'(

Hi Joe,

Everyone is welcome to vote how they like with their VP. @dj123 doesn't like upvotes with bots and @carlgnash also doesn't like it. It's just how they will be using their upvotes.

Aww, :'( @carlgnash @dj123 please forgive me sir. Please consider my entry forget about the bots. :'(

@idikuci, thank you sir :) Please help me to talk to them.

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