Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 21 entry 1 - Doña Embuste.

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I remember when I was studying at the lyceum, and to go home I had to walk to the terminal where I was taking the bus. To get to the terminal, you had to go through an asylum or nursing home, where there was in particular a very smart astute lady, whom we will call Doña Embuste.

My father always gave me money to buy a snack in high school, but since it was so expensive there and even unhygienic (I'll talk about it another time), then I kept the money to buy empanadas or cheese bread after leaving school. Dona Embuste had always been there, but she had never asked for anything, until one day with my cheese bread, and Doña Embuste asks me a little, and since I'm not going to deny her food to that poor old woman, since there That place of care, the service is terrible, I gave her half of my bread, she smiled and thanked me. Two days later I had 2 empanadas, and I passed by again and Doña Embuste was near the fence asking for food, so I gave her one of my empanadas, she smiled, thanked me and left.

A week later I went by, but this time I did not have food, since they had closed the shops early, and when I went through the asylum I saw Doña Embuste reaching out, but I told her I was sorry, that I did not have food to give her , she told me in a stubborn tone, that it did not matter that I gave her money, and I thought the way she asked me so rude, so I did not give her anything, but I am left doubtful that she made Doña Embuste with what she asked for, since each person who passed by asked for something, so when he left I looked at it from afar, and what I saw left me impressed, it was an astute and deceitful old woman, but quite intelligent.

Doña Embuste after asking for food, she sold it to the other elders and with the money she got asking for and what she sold, she bought a box of cigarettes daily, like a whole smuggler. When I saw that I felt cheated and she saw me the asshole face, the way people use their condition to get money and pay for their vices.

Src Reference of how Doña Embuste bathed in money for cigarettes.

Then I gave absolutely nothing, but a while later the lady died from a complication of an old and operated throat cancer .

If it helps an old lady finish killing herself ...

I nominate: @libray02, @rocksg

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It's a good story, striking really, and well written.... but I don't know about funny.

Take it what yo want bro ..

I can’t see any relevance to the promo-steem tag. You might want to remove the tag. You might read the community guidelines ( for future reference on posts which belong on this #promo-steem tag

Okay, i'll not write that tag anymore, thanks...

Maybe your school should offer her a job teaching entrepreneurship.

Hahahaha i think the same.

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