Bird-of-Paradise flower blooming in the backyard

Is it a bird?

Is it a crane?

Nope, it's the Bird-of-Paradise blooming in the backyard garden.

DSC_2006 L.jpeg

As it pretty much is a colourful flower, I thought I should enter it in this week's #colourfulphotography contest by @juliank.

Image taken on 6 february 2018 with Nikon D800
AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 lens
ISO 200 ƒ/11 at 1/100 sec.

To see more of my photography, come check me out at @atnicholson.

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So Pure & Beautiful !!
anyone interested can take part in my contest & win SBD !


Hey, thanks. I'll check it out!


Would mean a lot if you took part !( will help lots of Steemians from your 100% upvote )
Thank you :)


Hey @atnicholson
i want to talk about some business deal :)
Can you please provide me any source to talk with you like ; gmail ??


Sure. No problem. You can send me an email at Just let me know when you send it so I can check my inbox.


I have sent you mail to your address @atnicholson
Hoping for your positive response :)

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I have seen the beauty of the Birds of Paradise of many times, although your photography has emphasised the vivid colour. Amazing work, thanks for sharing.


Hey, thanks for the kind feedback @imperialaussie!

beautiful flower. I like the color is very beautiful. nice picture @atnicholson

A superb capture beautiful Bird Of Paradise flowers @atnicholson They are very striking looking plants.

Beautiful! I always liked bird of paradise, but blue passionflower is my favorite.

Wow is a nice flower and PhotoGraph is also very nice.

Nice one @atnicholson. Where abouts in Australia are you? We have these in our garden too, in fact I took a photo not long ago as they're in bloom. Such an amazingly colourful plant.


I'm in Northern Rivers of NSW. Not far from Yamba. They are amazing plants when they bloom.

best photogrphy;

Wow its amazing photography
Nice capturing

I've some like this flower in my garden, one interests have many colors.

I like to see this flower when they get bloom.

Seeing thumbnails to open, looking like a bird.
Very creative.