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The rules are simple :

  1. Upvote this post !
  2. Follow me
  3. Resteem this post
    4.Comment Your Best Photo !!(Category : Flower & Garden )

Two best photos will get share of 50% Sbd of this post (after payout).

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Thank you for this contest! Here's my best photo.
I chose this for the reason that my effort is paid, capturing this wild creature is not easy😊 thank you!

Hey, best of luck with your contest @suzn.poudel. Hope it succeeds! Here's my entry ... since the theme seems to be flowers and the garden so far ...

DSC_2006 L.jpeg

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Very nice post already resteem and follow.. Follow and vote me back by @atjehsteemit


Done :)
Thank you ..


looks like you are nepali.. we are making community in steemit. please join our discord meet nepali friends and postpromotion. thank you.

Very attractive flower
hope follow upvoteand resteem me iwill do regular

Great Job, Well done bro! Upvoted. Do follow back, Also don't forget to visit my blog post. Thank you!