Mountain Sunrise -- What If Your Life Was An Exhortation?

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From my morning writing:

“I see every obstacle as a gift - as a challenge to be overcome, and in the overcoming to force growth and power that I can use forever again and again. I am willing to see the world in such a way as to always reap the most benefit from it - I choose to perceive my world as an institution dedicated to my excellence. Every challenge, every gift, every human, every animal, plant, physical, mental or emotional I object I encounter is an opportunity for greatness!”


Imagine the life you would lead with that as your perspective! Seeing the world in that context changes every experience you have and leads to your own extraordinary growth.

Look, I know you have down times. All of us do; they are part of the rhythm of life. They are not to be avoided or unexpected. In fact, when they begin to come, read through the quote above and think of your depressed times; those times when you’re tired, or angry, or irritable for whatever reason. Think of your down times as not just a challenge, but an opportunity to grow your own personal power.

The fantastic thing about seeing the world as an institution dedicated to your excellence is you can simultaneously work with one of the most powerful human forces, the ego, and contribute to making the world outside your ego better for everyone who encounters it.

Think about it: You’re driving and mad about something. Sure, most of the time you grip the wheel, talking to yourself steadily louder. You hit a couple of screaming sentences that make you realize how out of control you are, and you pause. There you sit, going 70 miles an hour, breathing heavily, headached from tense yelling, realizing how useless it is.

That’s the regular way.

The alternate way is to view your anger as a challenge and an opportunity. Can you manage that powerful ego of yours in such a way that you become more in control of where it takes you while creating more positive outcomes than getting a screaming headache?

Of course you can, and the key is remembering the perspective: You are in a custom built Universe dedicated solely to your benefit. Every situation you experience, every human you meet, every dog you pet has been built specifically to help you become better.

A word of caution: Keep the distinction clear between a Universe that was custom built for you and a Universe that was custom built to give you opportunities to become better. It’s the difference between heaven and hell, enlightenment and savagery. As usual, the difference lies between your ears.

To your continued excellence, mental health, and making the world we all live in a far better place!

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What's a beautiful picture..
I like it


Thanks! Always rad to share beauty, right?

this scenery and colors are amazing !!


One of the many benefits of sleeping outside occasionally. :)

its lovly beautiful capture.

Cool! I follow you.