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Qucik story

The summer is here. I decided, to shoot some amazing footage of farmers, working on the fields. Because is a yellow Wednesday, if made this photo for the challenge. It looks like, the two colors will melt together. I love the fields, this time of year. So much color and so much life.
So, what do you think about the photo? Let me know in the comments sections.

Somewhere near Graz, Austria

Cam: DJI phantom PRO plus
Set: F4 / shutter 1/250 / Iso 300
Height: 30m

Yes, you can use my photo, just contact me, do not be shy.

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Great shot mate. Beautiful composition. One thing, though, notice how the straight lines curve? That's barrel distortion. It's a common lens distortion. You can fix that in some editing programmes (like Lightroom, if you have that).


Good catch 🔥 Was waiting for someone, to notice that🤗
I have try it in photoshop and it worked 🔥
Will post some in the future 🤘

Nice shot! It looks like a beautiful tapestry! This is a #imagenposible.


Thank you.
Looks like a lot of people love such photos, I will try to do more! :)

Pretty cool and weird, it's almost like looking at a wallpaper of some kind because of the angle!


🤗 it's a little bit different. it's meant for a desktop screensaver 🔥

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amazing shot!! what do you prefer? mavic or phantom pro?


If you travel a lot, its better mavic( its a little drone), but if you like to make amazing footage, its the phantom4 pro right drone for you.

Cool perspective shot. Nice work @marjanko :)


Thank you, bro🍀

Minimalistisch und dennoch geschmackvoll würde ich mal sagen.

Herzliche Grüße vom @faltermann 🦋 🐛


Danke fuer deine nette worte. Ich bin froh, dass dir meine bilder gefallen.
Grüße zurück @marjanko , aus Graz, Austria

The look is amazing, as if material, cloth of some sort, not earth and plants. This is a fascinating subject . Thanks for a brilliant photo 👏👏👏👏💛


Thank you, @sallybeth23 your positive energy and your support keeps me going to create. Next week I will start with videos, because photos is not my strong side... but I love to photograph and learn new staff 🤗


Wow videos , I am so looking forward to those 💛👏👏👏


Me too. Love to see, what you think about my work as a filmmaker. 🤗🤗 But I think, you will love the b-rolls a make. Sneak peek into the video

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