Color Challenge: Sunday Violet

in colorchallenge •  7 months ago

For today's #colorchallenge initiated by @kalemandra I have a few orchids. On a recent visit to the Eureka Gardens, just a short 30 minute drive, I found these orchids in the greenhouse. Besides this small group of flowers there were only two other orchids flowering inside the greenhouse. Last time we visited here the greenhouse was closed for renovation. Needless to say we were a bit disappointed it was not full of flowers, but at least there were a few.

photos captured with Canon 80D/18-135mm ©2018

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#hotsorshots #thealliance #steemusa
until next time...
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Those are pretty. Does the Eureka Gardens have vanilla orchids, by chance? Hrm... Well, it looks like a nice place for a walk. Nice photos!


Not really sure. I know there are several varieties in there but there were only two in bloom....didn't really look at the other placards. Thanks bud!

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Beautiful flowers @liberty-minded. That checkered effect in the petals is stunning! 😊


appreciate it @gillianpearce, thanks for stopping by!

Beautiful colors @liberty-minded thank you for sharing :)

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