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Meet Milena - Aspiring model, actress, musician and piano teacher from Sydney Australia. I've had a chance to photograph her in the past for a few different clients and this time she answered one of my casting calls for models when I just wanted to get out and shoot at one of my favourite places on a day off work.

We did this shoot in La Perouse - A place I frequently go diving in and use for photoshoots due to ease and flexibility.
We photographed in a number of spots to create a number of look but for this post I've decided to use one close to the end of the series on the sand just before sunset.

The sun behind her I used reflector give a soft light to the model and balance the lighting more. Using a strobe I could darken and bring the colours back in the skies but under natural light we get more of a bright or washed out sky. Its based on personal taste which would have made the better image but for me its just to different looks/lighting techniques and would shoot according to the mood the client was after.
This one is just simple, soft and clean which was the mood for the rest of the series taken that day.

Model: Milena S.
Canon 5DmIII with 70-200mm 2.8L IS
1/200sec @ f4, ISO200



Beautiful picture @chrisdavidphoto. Great work.

I think Milena and this one would fit 100%:

Have a great day,

Only if they were easier to get access to in shoots here.

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