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A Superpurplelously Purple story

The blooms wither as the days of summer grow shorter and winter hours lengthen. The purple people, ever the superfood eater, had planned on another dinner of healthy purple superfood packed with antioxidants. Purple figs, and purple cabbage with purple eggplants. They love purple, you see.

The purple superfood eater, put on a purple shirt and walked down the street to find some beautiful purple flowers. After coming across these beautiful purple flowers with beautiful purple petals, the purple superfood eater abandoned their plan to eat purple vegetables with super powers.

They instead picked the beautiful purple flower and put it on their lapel to visit their purple mate and go to their favourite purple restaurant and have a romantic dinner with purple candles.

They enjoyed a meal of their first blue wyandotte rooster with the meat colored perfectly to match their purple lapel. 😀


Image original and given by a friend with permission to reuse.

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Ahh, thanks for the name of the flower! I couldn't recall what it was. :)