Ned's Head Collaboration with @lloyddavis continues

in collabornation •  2 years ago

Ned's Head is NOT Dead!

If you remember, about 4 days ago I put a sitewide call out to all creators to work on a collaboration using Ned's Head.

We had a really good response.

@lloyddavis went above and beyond creating The Ballad of Ned's Head

For the past few days, I've been working on a little bit of stop animation.

I wanted to go a little strange. If you read the lyrics you might know why. I can't help laughing at the results.

Keep in mind that the repeated animation is only ONE part of the final video which I have envisioned.

I wanted to fill the video so you could hear the whole song.

My portion of the animation is only supposed to take up 3-5 seconds of the video where Lloyd sings "Half a pound of monkey bread soaked up in sudafed."

I'm working on more pieces as I have the time but you are more than welcome to jump in with bits or take the video and add your own flair. Just remember, any additions to the collaborations need to cite the previous creators.

In this case, it is the work of @lloyddavis and myself.

What do you think of it so far?

I'm still wondering if Ned is aware of us whacking his head around. haha!

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Excellent work my friend @ merej99

yes, this is exactly what i was looking for! good job!


More to come in bite sized pieces. I'm not an animator - just someone having a little fun :)

Hillarious animation. Loving it!


I must have listened/watched this 100 times while trying to edit this and it still cracks me up!


Lol, I totally understand why. Well done.


Reminds me of those funny Monty Python animations. So good :-)


I hope you're having a good lie down after all that.

@lloyddavis - you're great!
@merej99 thanks for sharing this

Ha ha! brilliant work - got me giggling :D

yep let's give it to @collabornation - it will be interesting to see how to do splits on collaborative work here in future but for now let's help them get going.


I also have to say, that's my favourite line of the song too :)

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genius, I will sing it the whole day long @merej99

It's bonkers. Well done.