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Collaborative Art Powered by Steem

Hello, artists! Here is my interpretation of @everlove’s original photograph (linked here). For these challenges, I enjoy experimenting with the color palette of each image and animating it in a new way.

These open calls are a really fun way to collaborate with other likeminded creatives and discover new talent within the Steem ecosystem. There are so many exciting initiatives going on right now it's hard to keep track! If you're exploring Steem for the first time - make sure to check out the #whisper project (link here) by @mrblinddraw. The @creativecrypto magazine (shameless plug on my part) and definitely the @slothicorn squad :)

GIF Layers

In this version, I used Adobe Photoshop to animate a series mosaics that zoom in and out of the original photograph. The result is a 3 x 3 tiling of GIFs that animate a sense of "depth" which was the original title given by @everlove. There are a lot of interesting ways that you can layer animations within the composition of a post. In future iterations I'll try to test out more motion techniques that take advantage of the scrolling digital canvas we have to work with here.


Digital Canvas in Motion

Looking back at past collaborative GIFs - here's a fun kaleidoscopic animation of a 3D topography. In this example, I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and a 3D digital modeling software to read the bright and dark hues as high and low topography. The result is a colorfully contoured landscape. During the process of mapping the painting texture onto the 3D surface in Rhino - I got a glitch! I accidentally mapped the .jpeg graphic on multiple surfaces and the result was a kind of amazing kaleidoscope. The animated gif you see here was a result of this funky mishap.

A big thanks to @everlove for hosting such a fun and thoughtful project that promotes community engagement! If you haven't already, take a look at the open call to participate. (linked here)

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This is REALLY cool @vovonoi!! You always have such an unusual perspective on things---I love how you think! You seems to have such a fine balance of the techy/artsy/defined/fluid aspects in your art. This is a super contribution!!! how will I choose something for the finale with so many options? Thanks for stepping back into the journey. It's really great to have you here.


Always a blast collaborating on this art journey of yours! Thanks as always for the invitation :)

Can't wait to see all the entries!


The finale post soon to come. There are some very interesting contributions--as are yours!

Wow, that's nice! <3 How did you make those geometric patterns?

I love making art over other people's art, and I know someone who is particularly proficient at this art style who is called @artzanolino. He has a community called @artzone to support other artists, and he's always making posts with his new collages and multi-level artworks.

Your gifs also remind me of the effect in the stained glass windows in churches. Those light effects are really lovely, incomparable in the light shapes they produce on the surrounding environment.


@artzone! I should have mentioned that in the post as well, thanks for the note @cryptosharon.

The effect was a combination of filters in photoshop and gif recordings. Funny you should mention Stained Glass because that was one of the filters I used in Ps ;)


Super! And I didn't know that you knew about it already (obviously lol). Oh, well, I suppose that Photoshop did a good job in making this effect look like what its name says 😅

Beautiful work @voronoi, you are a great artist with a lot of talent, God bless you. Thank you for all the support and wisdom contributed to this beautiful community. God bless you always.


That's a great animations art, I appreciate your creativity. best of luck@voronoi

Thats pretty cool to know.........