Collaborative Kaleidoscope : The Art of Animating Map Glitches

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Kaleidoscopic Spotscape

Fellow Steemians, here is my interpretation of @everlove’s original photograph (linked here). The image offered for this week's collaborative challenge appears to be a rectangular close up of a painting. The composition is full of strong blues, blacks and whites. Closer in you can see a broad spectrum of softer purple tones, oranges and light pinks. For these challenges, I enjoy experimenting with the color palette and animating it in a new way.

In this example, I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and a 3D digital modeling software to read the bright and dark hues as high and low topography. The result is a colorfully contoured landscape.

Progress & Process

Here are a handful of images visualizing the work in process (below) beginning on the left with @everlove’s original image on the left...

The original image was softened to identify high and low features and bring into a 3D modeling script that identifies high and low points through pixel contrast.





Kaleidoscope Glitch!

During the process of mapping the painting texture onto the 3D surface in Rhino - I got a glitch! I accidentally mapped the .jpeg graphic on multiple surfaces and the result was a kind of amazing kaleidoscope. The animated gif you see here was a result of this funky mishap.

A big thanks to @everlove for hosting such a fun and thoughtful project that promotes community engagement! If you haven't already, take a look at the open call to participate. (linked here)


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Love it! Would you share your work with the steemit community and make it free to use or do you restrict copyright's?

Do it again with another image?

Good work man! I like the topo effect


Glad you dig it @erb, I thought it echoed something in your territory :)

You should check out the weekly Collaborative Art Journey that @everlove hosts!

wow those patterns are really interesting

Wow it's beautiful and eyes catching.

Lets make a music video with this


Love that idea ;)

YAYAYAY you did it @voronoi!!! Always bringing such an intriguing and unusual creation with you here. When you're up in the mix we can really expect a diverse interpretation - no one does it like you!

This is like liquid shapes in motion. It's cool how some of the edges are smooth and othersvery geometric, many colors and even textures, fluidly dissolving back into one another. Maybe a metaphor for us humans in the grand scheme of things.

Blessed by your gift @voronoi. Also blessed to meet you at SF2. You always inspire me.


Thank you for hosting such an amazing collaborative art journey! Your feedback is always so constructive and supportive :) I'm looking forward to the next round already!

Fantastic to meet you in person at SF2 :D


One day I would like to collaborate with you in the magnificence of your b/w round the table creations. Feeling out the possibilities of how to share from afar.

its really amazing animation map, nice work


Thank you :)

@voronoi Love your art work and its progress!

Very intersubjective and useful. Do you think I can implement it in one of my artworks. I make symmetric mandalas and I would like to make them move. I hope you can give me some advice.


I've just found this post with your creation! The animation you made is very inspiring! I also love @everlove's #collaborativeartjourney! I know you are very creative, so i would like to invite you to #inspirationchallenge - this is also a collaboration, with CreativeCommons license of course :)))
Look at the link bellow:
I wish you a happy christmas and new year! Hugs from Hungary: @kalemandra

Nice work! Looking forward to see more!