Steem looks to be recovering back to $0.40!

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Hey all!

Steem seems to be bouncing back from the lows over the past couple of months.

With the past few weeks seeing a surge of Steem buys nudging it back up to 40 cents level.

Do the trend coincides with recent events happening within the Steem community?

Will the momentum continue to push it forward?


Tell us what you think!

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Dear god I've waited for this for so long I've almost given up hope! FINALLY!!!!

Glad to know you're happy with the price bump!

This means our upvotes worth more too! Have one on the house!

Hope you can follow us here and maybe on Twitter too!

Thanks and yes I follow you on here and visit your website daily for price updates, I love the design! I would love to promote you to my steem audience, I'm currently looking looking for sponsors so if you're interested message me on discord, my name on there is Tanbay#4903

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I'm hoping the bear market will continue for a little bit longer @coingecko I am still accumulating!

That's refreshing to hear! Most Steemians welcome the price rise.

Yeah, that's true @coingecko.

I tend to think that Steem will move to $1 USD soon, but I hope I will be able to make another purchase first.

If Steem remains under $1.00 USD or falls back under a Dollar, I will continue to accumulate.

Hey hey @coingecko... not sure if this is the right forum... but I've been loving and using your Chrome Add On Extension thing since you launched it. I'd often pop in a couple of times a day to see how ol mate Bitcoin is doing... but I've noticed it hasn't shown any prices the past couple of days:

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Thanks for notifying us with that! we're already checking on it.

I am 0% surprised that you're all over it.

Hahaha! In fact, we've already rolled out the fix to the extension and slapped in a few new features to boot.

You should see the extension working now, otherwise just reinstall from the extension store.

Feel free to offer us more suggestion on what you want on the extension!

Oh nice! I've checked it again and it's looking beautiful! Love the nightmode/daymode differences.

I'd still like to see the Total Market Cap somewhere on the screen... maybe a small line just above Bitcoin?

We'll keep that in mind for the next rounds of update.

We appreciate it if you can leave us a review on the Chrome Web Store!!

Of course! I'm sorry you even had to ask. I've provided a quick review of my favourite extension - hope it helps!


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The dapps and steem community is putting their efforts to push the steem price up.
I believe in engagement. We togather can win. Im seeing the efforts of dapps on steem blockchain, which will surely keep the price pushing upward.

Glad to check steem price on @coingecko . Thumbs up for you guys.

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Engagement was one of the driving factors that attracted us to this platform.

We hope to see more feedback from the community!

It is time for the community to finally demonstrate it is truly the most valuable asset of the protocol and it is not truly considered in the price thus making it undervalued. As the projects gain traction, value will be created and correlate with price if substantial enough to increase adoption, engagement and retention.

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Thanks for doing your part!

Let's hope price will grow up thuther! How is your tesm expirience at Binsnce blockchain week?

it was great! Thanks!

Your great work is continue with crypto updates.
The increase in the price of steem is really like getting raindrops in the dry area. Since the last three to four days, the mind has been happily looking at the increase in value of this steem because we were waiting for this moment for a long time.
Yesterday it's value increased 0.500000 but today it is moving around 0.420000 and 0.430000
Thank you for your continuous updates and information.

Hope it can push up more 😁

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Let's see what happens!

The momentum should never stop, we only grind forward right?
We only resonate and grow faster!

let's hope for the best!

It's been steadily rising which is nice to see. That and the fact that it is doing so against bitcoin makes it even better. Hopefully we can hold the level for a while or make some small gains. Slow and steady is what we need for a while until everything is put in place and we can keep growing.

With the current steem price increase, hopefully the days of coin steem prices can continue to crawl up in order to make all those who work on the stealth blockchain platform more enthusiastic in writing their best works. And so that the rewards that we will receive from each of our posts can be stable again as before. With the rise in prices of steem today, we all hope that this coin steem will continue to rise until it touches the highest price of this coin itself.

High Steem price certainly helps with incentivising Steemians to create content.

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And back down

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