CoinGecko Fortnightly Digest (2nd - 15th March 2019)

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CoinGecko Exclusive Digest (2nd - 15th March 2019)

Read about all the things we have been doing at CoinGecko!

Thanks for reading another edition of CoinGecko's Exclusive Fortnightly Digest.

We at CoinGecko are always hard at work to make your experience on CoinGecko better. Being one of the leading cryptocurrency data aggregators, we uphold transparency strongly and that includes updating the community on what we have been doing behind the scenes. It is with the hope that this fortnightly digest can keep all of you updated on our journey.

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CoinGecko Speaks

Hello Everyone!

It’s pleasant to know that Steem is finally in the $0.40 levels, having recently broken past the $0.50 ceiling despite the ongoing bear market in the wider cryptocurrency community space.

We’re also very proud to finally be in among the top 100 Steem witnesses! We’re pretty much still in the beginning stages as it is only less than 50 days since our official run for Steem Witness. Nevertheless, we are continuing our efforts to bring value into the Steem community as well as fulfilling the witness pledge we originally set out to do.
And now, onto our updates as usual!

CoinGecko Updates

1. Bitcoin and Litecoin Halving

Keep track of the Bitcoin and Litecoin Halving right in!

As a refresher, a Halving refers to when the mining rewards for a cryptocurrency is cut by half (divided into 2). This is done to reduce the inflation rate of the cryptocurrency and ensure that only a fixed amount of cryptocurrency will ever be produced throughout the entire lifespan of the cryptocurrency.

What will happen during a halving event? How should you prepare? Read more from the CoinGecko Explain Page!

2. Marketcap now easier to see from coin page

We’ve done some slight tweaks to the appearance of the coin to better see the Market Capitalization Rankings of each coin.

3. Sort columns in Exchange

Just like sorting in coin pages, we’ve added the feature to sort each column in the Exchange page as well. While pairs are sorted by 24 volume in the descending order by default, you can now tweak the lists to your preference.

New Listings

Coins and ICO

We added 63 new coins and 18 ICO/IEO to our platform from the 2nd to 15th of March.


We've added 8 new exchange over the past 2 weeks.

Contests/Giveaway by CoinGecko

1. WBTC Giveaway (Ended)

Congratulation to those that participated in the Giveaway event! Our team together with Kyber Network are in the process of crediting the Giveaways to eligible users who fulfilled the terms and condition for the giveaway.

Feel free to try out CoinGecko's KyberWidget for instant Decentralized Token Swaps without needing to go away from CoinGecko's page! That's what's cryptocurrency is all about!

2. CoinGecko Contest (Ended)

Thank you for all those who joined the contest! We will announce the winner very soon!

That's all the updates that we have for today. Owh, if you made it this far, we just want to say that we really appreciate your support and and thank you for choosing when you check your daily coin price!

we hope you will consider voting for our Witness Campaign!

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@coingecko, thank you for the update! I will start to follow you. I find the information useful.
One question: You said that

We added 63 new coins and 18 ICO/IEO to our platform from the 2nd to 15th of March.

What are those ICO/IEO? Can I find the list of them?


At the moment, ICO/IEO's are sorted based on its starting date (instead of date added) here.

If there is demand, we could certainly look into implementing a "recently added" list for ICO, IEO and STO etc.. too.

P.S. Thank you for the follow! We hope you can consider voting for us as Witness too!

Nice to see the exchanges updated to include those working on some of the future SMTs! Look forward to seeing how they begin their journeys!

Posted using Partiko iOS


Sharp eye! Yes indeed we did added support for exchanges such as Daybit and Probit to support the upcoming HUNT Token IEO as well as any future Steem-based IEO/ICO.

Do you know how miners will continued to get paid after max amount is reached(for BTC)? Is it just transaction fees?


Yes. Only transaction fees

Posted using Partiko Android


Currently, the consensus is that after block 6930000 (approximately on October 8th 2140 AD) - when the last new 0.00000001 BTC is generated via block rewards, Miners will be sustained via transaction fees paid from the network users.

That is of course, theoretically subject to change. For one, we are confident that the Bitcoin network by then would differ so much from what it is today we no longer recognize it. It could be possible that miners and users of the future would opt for a change in the inflation structure with overwhelming consensus.

It could sound near heretical at this moment but we just don't know what would happen in the future. After all, we are talking about what would happen 4-5 generation from now.

You can read more from this Bitcoin Wiki article that explains in more detail.

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