CoinCollector V5 - Multi-Faucet Autoclicker

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Image of CoinCollectorV5

Multi-Faucet Autoclicker

I was requested by a ton of customers to add CoinCollector to this awesome site, .. So, .. thats exactly what im doing.

Image of CoinCollectorV5_MainUICoinCollector V5 will auto collect Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoin, Dashcoin at UNLIMITED compatible faucet sites and now comes with an ePay Scraper, iFaucet Scraper, Google Scraper, BCRotator Scraper built in for you to easily find compatible faucets.

Brand NEW Task Scheduler allowing you to run CoinCollector at scheduled intervals with ease.
CoinCollector V5 now comes with a built in OCR.

Features :

  • 4 Faucet scrapers
  • Built in OCR
  • Custom faucet section
  • Scheduler
  • Captcha server stats
  • Latest faucet list checker
  • User set Max Wait time
  • Public and Private proxy Support
  • HMA VPN Support
  • Enable/Disable CPU Monitor
  • New options menu
  • 9KW support
  • Auto login (If site requires)
  • UNLIMITED "compatible" Faucets
  • New design
  • CPU/Net etc usage stats
  • Balance check section
  • Audio On/Off (Bots audio ONLY)
  • Thread Control (1-18)
  • Run ALL sections from 1 screen
  • Total claimed during session (reset on next bot load)
  • New Settings panel
  • 2Captcha implemented
  • Manual Captcha WITH Refresh (Only works with 1 thread *Beta)
  • Save settings for next bot load
  • Re-coded a ton of the bot
  • Bot now lightweight to save memory usage
  • Added longer timeouts
  • Auto refresh bot memory every 10 mins
  • Save login details via "Settings" menu
  • Retry if failed login

Use Captcha Services For Fully Auto OR Manual

Other Captcha Options

  • *Captcha Sniper

  • GSA Captcha
    = Working but low success rate)

    Other captcha services can be used by using either Captcha Sniper or GSA Captcha Breaker as a tunnel
    (So if the captcha service you want to use is not supported by my bot then you can run one of the above software's and use any of the captcha services listed as backup within CS or GSA settings)

How to Install OR Update from V4 :

Need To Know !

Is it buggy ?.... Yes
Is it going to make you rich over night ?.... No
Can you quit your day job with this bot ?..... No

Is it better and easier than doing them all manually ?....... YES!

Common Fix Steps

Please Try These Before Posting a Complaint !

If you have problems getting CoinCollector V5 to run
please try these common fix steps "1 BY 1" :

some simple steps that fix most common issues :
(eg. Stuck on "Loading...", wont open, crashes etc etc ....)

  1. Try Running CoinCollector with AND WITHOUT "Administrator" privellages

  2. Install this (C++ Redistributable)

  3. Install this (.NET 4.5)
    -> Alternative working .NET Frameworks :

  4. Make sure your AV and Firewall are not blocking, add the bot to any whitelists
    -> Add the following to ALL Antivirus/Firewall Allowed/Whitelists :


Licenses are FREE until further notice !​

**Yes CoinCollector is STILL FREE, **
Please consider a donation to enable me to keep this bot free, donation buttons are at the top of each section, and thank you to those that do :)

Get your license here :

Once you have submitted your details you will receive your license in the email address you provided, then you will be taken to the CoinCollector Download page, Direct link to this page is further down this page.

Installing / Updating Coincollector to V5

CoinCollector V5 - New Features

Quick Setup

More demo videos at the AutoClickBots YouTube Channel

CoinCollector V5 - Direct Link to Download Page:

VirusTotal Scan :

  • Update Log ~ see "PLEASE READ BEFORE USE" in bots folder *



Is any one still using this? How is it working at this time? I read some articles concerning safety of faucet collector. Is that overblown?

Yes, I just bought it a short while ago.
& about 25.000 peoples are using this.

This is probably THE most LEGIT BOT u will ever find.
Its not free anymore cos lots of unthankful ppl didnt even Donate a single Dogecoin...

All Antivirusprograms will Alert if a Program is packed & can Autoupdate itself,
thats why they do Alert. But if u just checkout Cyber Junkies Website u will see for yourself; as I did, that theres noting to worry about and this is serious.
btw its @ version 6.01 now

Oh by the way this one is "Coin Collector".
"Faucet Collector" is a whole other Program from another Programmer.

Thanks instructor2121, very much appreciated
your welcome :)

Welcome to Steemit =)
It's wonderful to see all the work you've done!

Please join us some time over in the Steem Pub Discord server.

Thanks very much, ill check it out :)

Nice one buddy. Finally you did a post! It's been a long time my friend. Try make an introduction post about you. Here's an example you could try. Good job btw :)

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"This post has been ranked within the top 25 most undervalued posts in the second half of Nov 30"

.... awesome :|

It is man it is, Undervalued is no word for it... its sad.
On behalf of all the ppl who never donated but used this, let me say THANK YOU.
Im on the way to the ACB site right now to purchase the CCbuilder ;-)

Gosh almost 200 Upvotes & not even 2 $ WTF! Next SBD i get i will donate to You!


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