Coffee Bean Art Series #2 - The Moka Pot, anyone?!

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Hey you - Anyone out there uses a stovetop Moka Pot to make your daily coffee? I was gifted an antique original one long time ago, however, I didn't know how to use it and so it was sitting as a decoration on my kitchen counter.

Here is one of my Coffee Bean Arts on Moka Pot, which is such a great little machine!

Once, I went on a camping trip and it was suggested that I brought it along to make coffee. So, I decided to bring it along with us. One of our friends, who went on the trip with us, was a coffee expert who knows how to make coffee with the Moka Pot. And, oh boy oh boy, it was the best cup of java I ever had and I could still taste it.

Here is another piece I created awhile ago, while drinking coffee at my 'maison'.

Unfortunately, due to carelessness, we either left the Moka Pot at the camp site, or worse, someone took it from us (it is still a mystery). So yes, we lost it after only one use. I was devastated as it was a hard-to-find piece of antique and also it was such a great coffee machine!

Anyways, moving on and up, have you ever wonder how coffee is being made using the Moka Pot?! I do and after a few google searches, I found out the science behind the Mocha Pot:

"this stovetop style coffee makers use steam pressure from boiled water in the lower section to pass through coffee grounds in the mid chamber of the pot. Brewed coffee then sits in the higher chamber"


"the magic behind the Moka pot is in its 3 chambered brew process. Water in the bottom chamber boils, and the steam causes pressure that pushes water up through the coffee grounds into the top chamber"

Very interesting, indeed and I have been on the look for an antique Moka Pot for many years. Sadly, I haven't come across one. Really wish I was not that careless - but I would also like to think that it is at a good home?!

Here is another piece I also created awhile ago, can you tell how coffee makes me so happy?!

Seriously, I wish I could do stovetop Moka Pot coffee brewing at home. There are a lot of great things about it: it's easy to clean, portable and durable, and no extra filters required. Most importantly, if you know how, you could make a mean cup of close-to-espresso like coffee in no time. But of course, coffee taste is a very 'personal' matters. Even if I like it, it does not mean it is your 'cup-of-tea' too.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed my coffee bean art pieces and my little side stories. Until next time, keep calm and drink coffee!

(Note - All artwork and photos are my own)

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great post @steemit-foodie so glad you decided to showcase all your art work. i love them as you know and i know a lot of people here will love it too!

thanks @smartbean for the support as usual.
we need to collaborate again on some other project soon!

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