Coffee Bean Art Series #1 - How do you like your Coffee? I say "I like it Crisp"

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When I first moved to Canada, I discovered this yummy chocolate bar called "Coffee Crisp". In fact, it is a chocolate bar made in Canada, consisting of layers of wafer and coffee flavoured soft candy in between. In my university days, whenever I felt stressed out about school, I would treat myself to a Coffee Crisp along with a Coffee.

I used to pretend to be a joker and whenever I am asked at restaurants or coffee shops: "How do you like your coffee?" I always joked that: "I like it Crisp." Most people didn't really get my joke, which was awkward, of course. Yeah, I am not that talented in joking around, but I tried, lol.

Now, my other question to you is “How do you make your coffee at home?”

At the moment, we like to make drip or pour over coffee at home. This is because my husband is the only one drinking coffee and by making pour over, you can make precisely one cup! But, not only it's convenient, this method also make a 'mean' cup of coffee.

Here is one of my Coffee Bean Arts on dripped coffee :)

Also, all coffee making always starts with good coffee beans. But we are willing to try any new ones available as the variety in the market is endless these days. We have a few good ones that we like and we are not loyal to only one.

I like it that way because you get to experience different flavours. I do, however, understand those who prefer a particular kind.

Here is one of my Coffee Bean Arts with a bag of coffee beans!

In addition, you also need a coffee grinder. We are not a fan of ready-to-brew grinder coffee as it’s not fresh. So, we only buy coffee bean and a good coffee grinder is a must!

Here is another pic of my coffee grinder!

Now that we have covered the 'tools' required to make drip or pour coffee. Let's talk about the steps we like to follow to make our own coffee at home:

  1. Boil some filter water
  2. Pour boiled water through the filter, into the drip and then the cup
  3. Add freshly grinder coffee into the filter and pour a little boiled water to wet
  4. Then, pour a little boiled water at a time until the cup is full
  5. Be patient and don't pour all boiled water at once

So yeah, this is how we make coffee at home at the moment. But, I must say that I am no professional coffee maker and we only know how to make coffee the way we like it. Hope you won't mistaken me pretending to talk like the professional (not at all, I still have a lot to learn about coffee making).

Last but not least, back to the original question “How do you like your coffee?”. My husband like it black, but I like it with cream or milk. To me, the cream or milk make it extra creamy and it’s like drinking dessert. However, one thing we both don't do is to add any sugar. For some odd reasons, we both cannot handle sugar in coffee and it ruins the taste for us.

By the way, at the beginning of this post, I shared a story about Coffee Crip chocolate bar. For those of you who have never tried Coffee Crisp - here is a photo of what they look like. We recently stocked a whole bunch at home!


Anyhow, hope you enjoyed my first Coffee Bean Art Series and my little side stories. Until next time, keep calm and drink coffee!

(Note - All artwork and photos are my own)

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