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Hey Steemians I have already shared half the whole construction process and demonstrated you how the quanitty surveyor get involved. Last time I introduced you the tendering stage in the view of Employer's QS (Consultancy firm), today I wanna introduce you how the Contractor's QS representative to bid for the tender. We always say Bidding is an art, with many calculation and strategy behind. Imagine that if you bid for too high, you lose the tender, but on the other side if you bid for too low, you win the tender but you lost money! Thereby, a good estimator is a rare asset to the Contractors, without them they are highly unlikely to win any jobs or keep losing money from winning the tenders!

大家好,不經不覺來到我的工料測量/造價工程第五回的分享了,上回跟大家介紹了第三個部分- 招標,介紹了以業主測量師的角度出發關於招標的一些事宜,那今次當然該介紹一下代表承建商的一方該如何投標了,這當中包含很多學問啊,價錢太高,投標自然輸了,價錢太低,投標嬴了卻賠錢,所以說投標是非常非常重要的一門喔。


The following demonstration is set up based on a traditional contract -


  1. Checking the Quantities

Once you received the full set of drawing as well as the BQ provided by the Employer, you have to check the quantities on the BQ very carefully. As I said the quantities are all taken by a quantity surveyor, human makes mistakes, there must be something wrong, what we are looking for is missing items, error description, and the most important element - underestimated quantity .

Imagine that the BQ contains like Apple x 1, Orange x 1000, but after your checking you found out that actually there should be 1000 nos of Apple. We will then say Bingo!!! That's what we gonna find! Why? Coz pricing a very high rate on the Apple doesn't make your tender sum to be great increased due to the underestimated quantity, but when the works started, you will claim for the additional 999 no. of apple (we called this Variation Order ), which has to be valued based on the BQ rate that you priced for.

Thereby, for this tender you may price something like $1,000 per Apple, but $50 per Orange -
Your Tender Sum = $1,000 x 1 + $50 x 1,000 = $51,000.00

But, after the tender is awarded, indeed the contract sum will be turned to be >
$1,000 x 1,000 + $50 x 1,000 = $1,050,000 !!!

  1. 檢查數量

當你從業主代表那邊拿到圖積和數量表了,你必須立刻埋首檢查數量,記得嗎,那些數量都是業主那邊的QS量度出來的,可不是機械人喔,所以總會有點錯誤的哈哈。包括! 錯誤的描述,漏度既項目,更重要的是,量度了又少了的項目!

讓我舉一個簡單的例子,清單上寫著你要買1個蘋果和1,000個橙,叫你下個價錢最便宜的就嬴了。但你看一看圖紙,明明有1,000個蘋果喔! 當你填蘋果的價錢填得多貴多天價,因為數口只有1的關係對標書的結果根本沒有重大的影響!!

那現在就下價來大家看看了 ,比方說我下價$1,000 一個蘋果, $50一個橙
那我的標書價錢會是 $1,000 x 1 + $50 x 1,000 = $51,000.00


所以最後你由$51,000的標總價 變成了$1,000 X 1,000 + $50 x 1,000 = $1,050,000 !!!!

  1. Cost allocation for better cash flow

In order to maintain a good cash flow, after we price the whole BQ, we will then make some cost allocation, one of the common technique namely "front-loading", we will prize the preliminary items and the initial stage items like excavation, piling, for a higher rate, and price those finishing and fitting out works at a relatively lower rate in order to get back the cash earlier.

  1. 調整價錢利現金流


Of course there still many pricing strategy and mechanism behind the bidding system, many researchers study and aim to formulate different bidding system in order to maintain a good winning rate for their company. Today I will just share you two of them that I think is the most interesting part, and I hope you enjoy it :)



QS Sharing 工料測量/造價工程分享

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Photography -

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