Keep your password safe is as important as your life! 保证不要弄丢密码就好像保命一样重要!

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Every Steemers must be impressed  and laughed by the moment you saw those words which are in the picture above. At the same time, it also made us think that why Steemit put the words like that  there over and over again and how serious and important your password exactly is. 

why password is important

  • Simply, at blockchain' s world , engineers made no backdoor for anything or anyone , so there is no way to find your lost password like you lost your password in other internet social media. (no way for hacking too)
  • Steemit account is not as the account of FB or other internet social media. It is valuable as your wallet or passport in the real life. (imagine that  you lost everything on the unfamiliar street)

All in all, try your best to not lost and keep your password safe is a kind of huge responsibility to every Steemers!

Is there only one password you should be guard?

There are more password we should to keep them safe. As you open the permissions page, there are four keys showed up, Posting , active, owner and memo. Here you may curious what are those keys' s functionality for 

  • posting: online key that can only vote and post content, less secure but good for logins.
  • active   : online key that can do everything except change owner key, more secure but not save.
  • owner   : master key that can do everything, meant for cold storage.
  • memo   : key used for deriving share secrets to encrypt private communication with.


Here I would like to suggest a few ways to keep your password not get lost. ( If anyone has any good suggestion, please feel free to post to let people know)

  • print your password out and then put somewhere that you can find anytime.
  • write it down with a pen and  then put it somewhere.
  • copy the password and then Email it to yourself .
  • put the password into a USB.

In conclusion, password is as important as your life,please take good care of it!

Extra note

According @Xiaohui ' s article ( )(an manager of Steemit Chinese  Community) , There is quite difficult  to ask 99% of Chinese internet user to join in Steemit by sign up with Facebook or Reddit ,because of Facebook has been blocked up by Chinese government so far. Fortunately, if Steemit would add WeChat or QQ sign up , that would be a huge benefit for bring  more Chinese user in. Sincerely hope Steemit to consider this suggestion as well, thank you first here by my heart!!!

人们都应该被以上图片中的几句话逗笑或者深深打动了吧!在笑一笑的同时,不禁引起我的深思。为什么Steem会把一句看似“很幼稚“的话反复重复呢? 到底弄丢密码会有多严重的后果呢?


  • 众所周知,Steemit 应用的是区块链技术。简单来说,区块链的工程精英们,没有给任何人和任何情况留下后路,他们把整个系统做到了密不透风,从而在不能找回以丢密码的同时也没有给骇客们任何机会来偷袭!
  • Steemit 账号不比我们熟知的脸书或其他社交网站的账号,它很有价值(比如,你的steem power就可以真正兑换成钱)。我想把steemit 账号比喻成你真实生活中的钱包或者护照!试想一下你丢失它的失落与无助吧!

总而言之,希望所有的steemit 用户承担起这份责任,同时也可以说是为了自己负责!


其实在你打开Permissions 这个 页面时,就会发现我们原来还有4把钥匙!(posting, active, owner, memo) 保护好它们也是很重要的哦!在此附加一下(我想很多新的用户一定对他们的用途很是陌生)。

  • posting:这把线上钥匙是用在点赞和上传帖子的 (仅限于用在这两部分)
  • active    : 这把钥匙你可以用在所有线上活动,除了改变owner key.
  • owner    : 这把钥匙可以说是一把万能钥匙,它是你的储存器
  • memo   : 这把钥匙是用在解读和推导加密信息



  • 把密码打印出来,存放在你可以找到的地方(可以是家里任何抽屉或者你的办公室,等等)
  • 用手写的方法,把密码写下来并好好保存。
  • 复制密码,然后发到自己的邮箱里。
  • 把密码复制到U盘里。




通过阅读我们中文社区管理者的文章后,( )我也在此呼吁Steemit的管理者们,请认真考虑一下加入微信或者QQ身份认证。对于99%的中国网络用户来说,脸书的身份认证是对加入 Steemit 的最大障碍!不管怎样,先在此致谢了!



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