Kung Fu Master Jackie Chan will no longer action movies!

in #cn6 years ago

Actor Jackie Chan, who has seen more than 60 bahars in his life, says that he knows that he is no longer a young man. Jackie feels that there is a need to change his way of working as an artist to keep him working.

According to the magazine GQ, the 63-year-old actor says that he can not always only do action rolls. Chain said that I know now that I am not a young man. I can not run away constantly. I have to change myself.action-films.jpg

It is also unhappy with the fact that actors used to use body double and not stunt themselves for chain action scenes. New action actors do not know how to fight. They can only use special effects, such as Spider-Man. Everyone can become a Spider-Man.


Nice post tnx to share this post

As a fan I m very sorry to hear that but he has to take care himself . Time shows no mercy ! Thanks Jackie and thanks @magicbot for posting it .

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