Let's have dinner 我們來吃晚飯 🍗 🍲🍻 Hutaoli Bar in Shenzhen 在深圳的胡桃酒吧

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Last week I went to Shenzhen, which is just next to Hong Kong and it is very easy to go there from Hong Kong - you just need to take the MTR, alhtough Shenzhen is already part of China and you need Chinese visa to enter. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to show you some of the places I've visited and the food I ate! I have to say that everything I've had was really delicious.

上星期我去了香港旁邊的深圳,很容易從香港去,你只需要乘坐地鐵,深圳是中國的一部分,你需要中國的簽證進入。 這是我第一次在那裡,我真的很喜歡。 我想向你們展示一些我去過的地方,吃了我吃的食物! 我不得不說,一切真的很美味。

Hutaoli Bar 胡桃里

One of the evening I went for a dinner to a restaurant/bar called Hutaoli (胡桃里). The location is very near to the Seaworld metro station.
一天晚上,我去了一個名叫胡桃裡(Hutaoli)的餐廳/酒吧吃晚餐。 該位置非常靠近Seaworld地鐵站。

Here is a link to the map to see the location of metro station:


Decoration and live music 裝飾和現場音樂

I really liked the interior of the restaurant. They took a great care of making - from using various cool lamps (some that look like tree, some that have weird metal shapes), to putting cool fake windows on the walls and all sorts of stuff! Definitely good job!
我真的很喜歡餐廳的內部。 他們非常關心製作 - 從使用各種涼爽的燈(一些看起來像樹,一些有奇怪的金屬形狀),把涼爽的假窗戶放在牆上和各種各樣的東西! 棒!


No matter where you go, globalisation follows you. This looks like a vase from IKEA...
無論你去哪裡,全球化都跟著你。 這看起來像ikea宜家的花瓶...


There were several bands singing on the stage, it's really nice to have live music at these places. Some of the songs were in English, but most were Chinese. And you could even use WeChat app to send a message and have it showed on a projector behind the bands. Many people used it to requests songs, and some sent photos enjoying the dinner. One band even prepared special drink and went around the place and gave it to the guests.
有幾個樂隊在舞台上唱歌,在這些地方現場音樂真的很棒。 一些歌曲是英文,但大多數是中文。 您可以使用WeChat微信發送消息,並將其顯示在的投影機上。 許多人用wechat來點歌,有的發送享受晚餐的照片。 一個樂隊甚至準備了特別的飲料給客人。


Now about the food! 現在關於食物!

I ordered chicken, but I did not expect that I will get my chicken inside of a cage. 😊 What a funny way to serve it.
我點了雞肉,但我沒想到我會把雞放在籠子裡。 😊什麼有趣的方式來服務它?


It was good chicken!


Next dish - fish! I do not remember what fish it was (next time I will take a photo of the menu), but it was quite delicious. It was cooked with sauerkraut, quite special! The spiciness level? Ah! Couple of red chilis and green pepper and every bite I took had to be followed by beer or water...
下一道菜 - 魚! 我不記得那是什麼魚(下一次我會拍攝菜單的照片),但這是非常好吃的。 它是用酸菜煮熟,相當特別! 超級辣的! 啊! 紅辣椒和很多青椒,我所吃的每一口都不得不跟著啤酒或水...


I eat a lot, so one more dish ... seafood! It does look like a bowl full of chillies, but inside of it are pieces of shrimps and crabs. Quite nice!
我吃了很多,所以再一個菜...海鮮! 它看起來像一個充滿辣椒的碗,但裡面是蝦和螃蟹。 相當不錯!


My dinner 😆 我的晚餐


And what about drinks? 飲料怎麼樣?

Gotta try something local! For a drink I received this red box.
想嘗試當地的東西! 喝了一杯,我收到了這個紅色的盒子。(女兒紅是什麼?)


And inside the box I've found...


...this. Quite a nice package. But how to serve it?
...這個。 相當不錯的套餐。 但如何服務呢?


They brough this special thing for it. The first level has a candle, second level has hot water, and then you pour the drink inside the third level. The candle and hot water keeps the drink quite warm.
很特別的東西。 底層有蠟燭,上層有熱水,然後把飲料倒入上方。 蠟燭和熱水使飲料相當溫暖。


And you drink it from these small cups. I was a bit afraid about the taste, but it was nice!
你從這些小杯子裡喝下來。 我有點害怕的味道,但它是不錯的!


And at the end ... cocktails! I have to say, there are quite good in making cocktails!
結束...雞尾酒! 我不得不說,製作雞尾酒有很好的效果!



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