🏖 Private island life, loving relaxing on the beach 私人岛屿生活,喜欢在海滩上放松 🏖

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During our recent trip to Malaysia my family and I got to experience life on a private beach, after taking a small quick boat ride from the main island of Langkawi we landed on a beautiful private beach where we spent a couple hours relaxing.


This picture says so many words

My son really loves the water and especially the ocean, he just recently has got used to going under the water and now he can't get enough of it!


This post is short and sweet, just showing some beautiful beach pictures and some pictures of fun at the beach.


I really love beaches and relaxing, hopefully everyone reading this will enjoy them as much as I do too!


Here are some of my other posts from our recent trip to Malaysia.


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Living the good life. So many great beaches in S.E. Asia is what I'm discovering


I've been in Langkawi many years ago. The beach in Malaysia is so beautiful.

Malaysia has so many great beaches!

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