Collect some Steemit mention tool and Steemit voting bot | 介绍几个Steemit提醒工具和点赞机器人

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Steemit 提醒工具

Steemit mention tools


In many cases, we are not able to be in front of the computer all day that we can open the web page to browse Steemit at any time. Especially when we in the outside, and can not timely receive others reply or some praise or posts that oneself like, all actually use a Steemit remind tools can liberate us, even if not open a browser to browse Steemit, can also be received in standby state for the first time someone give your comments or some praise.

  • GINAbot (Developed by @kemane and his team)


    Ginabot can collect the updated block data and filter by our setting .If Ginabot get something we are interested in ,she will send a direct message to our Discord account


    Ginabot has a powerful function as list below:

    • New information of our preferred Platform

    • Comments our posts

    • Mentions us

    • Every word you prefer to motice

    • Follow, Unfollow + Mute on us

    • Resteems our post

    • New post from any author

    • New post with any tag

    • Blacklist user(s) and/or tag(s)

    • Upvotes, downvotes and cancelling of votes

    • Transfers

    • Delegation

    • Curation and Author Rewards (NEW)

  • Steemmention (Developed by @ety001



    Steemmention is a platform that can reming us by sending a email to the email bind on our Steemit account without registering any other account.

    But Steemmention platform only supports comments while not reminding us if our posts got a upvote by others.

  • Wechat mention bot (Developed by cha0s0000)


    This mention tool is developed by me .When you receive a upvote on the your post ,the bot will send a direct message to your Wechat account.

    show like below



Steemit voting bot







Voting bot is mostly need you to pay for a certain number of SBD or Steem then leave the memo with your post link , then when the robot SP recover to a certain procedure will automatically give you upvote according to your SBD or Steem you paid.

Some Voting bot have a high reputation, so pay SBD or Steem to get upvote .

First ,you get the benefit.

Second, you can promote your article.

Third, you can quickly improve your reputation.

It is very helpful for the growth of small fish.


Introduce some voting bots:


More voting bots





哈哈,好哈,众人拾柴火焰高 !赞

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Thank you cha0s0000 for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 13.62% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

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Thanks for your promotion of SteemMention. The next version I will add a new reminder content.

In return, I will give you my two accounts full of votes. Thank you again.


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