228SP Power up - Knocking on the door of 31K

in #club50502 years ago

We have a long weekend here in New Zealand as its Labour Weekend which gives us Monday off, i have had a pretty relaxing day today.


I thought since its Saturday i would Power up some steem, actually any day is a good day to power up steem.

Plus if you power up and enter #spud4steem you may win a nice prize.

Todays Power up

Today i brought some Steem on the internal market using some freshly earned SBD's, i got 228 Steem from 16.726 SBD

Lets power that 228 Steem

This power up brings me closer to 31,000SP


Also have you heard of 50/50?


Right i think its time to go and blob out and watch a movie

Have a good day and remember Power it up

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬



Hey kiwi great post
I power up 100%

Hey I don’t know if you’re interested but these two accounts started mentioning me exactly same time and I think it’s the same person. And I don’t think they are using their own photos. There was a third account too

Not sure though

What do you think?



They posted about 4 minutes apart from each other kinds fishy…

Yeah they both look the same in some ways

will keep looking at these

thanks for this

Hai bapak @kiwi-crypto apa kabar, semoga sehat terus ya pak, postingan bapak sangat termotivasi buat saya, terimakasih pak 👋💨

No fishing this long weekend???

Wow big fish catch Sir, Great.

The Power program with #club5050 is great.
Success always to you Sir.

great activity

Thanks for sharing kind regards @kiwicrypto:)I hope you enjoyed in sharing a beautiful ❤️ kind regards snap w/ steemit social media which indicates that joy is always beauty and beauty is always a joy.
Have a nice joyful day

16 for 228 that's a pretty good catch right there and your right about powering-up let's keep it going.

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