Made it to 31K STEEM POWER 🎃

in #club1002 years ago (edited)

Tonight i made it to 31K SP after i exchanged some earned SBD's to get 152 Steem, with that i have made it to 31K.

Here is the month of October for this account power up wise



Before my Power up i had 30,866 Steem power with some recently earned Steem waiting to be powered up


Lets power up that Steem


New balance = 31,019 Steem power - yeah ha


Thank you to everyone who supports this Kiwi on here

Have a good Saturday

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬



Good work cuz 50K getting closer :)

mmm 50K yeah that would be good

That's some power-up not only this time but for the month, great work kiwi-crypto, won't be long before you reach your next dolphin at 35k.

Thanks for that & thanks for your support as well


Yeah man 💪

Congratulations on adding Steem Power

thanks for stopping by

congratulations, I hope to reach this level one day

I hope you reach this level one day as well

50k hard work success

Hai bapak @kiwi-crypto apa kabar semoga sehat selalu ya pak, saya sangat hobi memancing juga pak salam dari aceh 👋⚡🐠

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