Preparing for the Next Climbing Trip (Climbing Chronicles #2)

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Dear Steemians and fellow climbers,

As some of you wrote under the introductory post of @Climbing-Trail, autumn is in full strength and it’s time to get some climbing done before the winter!

This is why we decided to take two weeks off and go climbing in the national park Paklenica, Croatia!

At the moment we’re getting ready for the climbing trip. This means two things: first, there will be new exciting climbing stories and second I will be less active here on Steemit for the next two weeks.

But I won't leave you like that. There are two things I want to share with you before heading for national park Paklenica, Croatia.

Sport climbing essentials

When preparing for the trip I thought it might be a good idea to show you what the sport climbing essentials are you need for a successful climbing holiday. In the picture below you see all the gear I’m going to take with me on the trip.


  • Climbing rope (in the green rope bag), to protect your fall and abseil,
  • Harness, to attach the rope to yourself,
  • Belay device, for belaying your climbing partner and abseiling,
  • Helmet, to protect from falling rocks,
  • Quick draws, as intermediate protection,
  • Some additional slings, carabiners, and, accessory cord especially for multi-pitch climbing,
  • Climbing shoes, to stand confident on the smallest holds,
  • Chalk bag, to dry your sweaty fingers
  • Little brush, to clean holds,
  • Tape, for the last go before your skin is gone
  • Guide book, to navigate through the new unknown territory, and
  • Psych, to have fun. :-)

I recommend to check all your gear on a regular basis, because this is what keeps you save in case of a fall. Additionally, I always do this before leaving for a trip. Why? Because it’s easy! The best way to ensure I bring all the gear along is to sort it (as in the picture above ;-) ). And then it’s pretty easy to check everything.

Steemit: Delegation

If I'm out climbing, I won't be able to vote here on Steemit and thereby I throw away money. How can I prevent that? By delegation!

For me there are two obvious options. Either delegate your SteemPower to a friend that will then vote on your behalf. Or delegate your SteemPower to @MinnowBooster. @MinnowBooster will use your voting power to vote and you will get a daily reward for delegation. How this exactly works and how to do it, is described in this post. The caveat with this option is the 7 day waiting period to get your SteemPower back. Meaning this option is only sensible if you are away for more than 7 days.

Even with this tradeoff I'm going to delegate a big share of my SteemPower to @Minnowbooster while I'm on holiday. (I'll write a short comment under this post, about the experience).

Next stop: national park Paklenica, Croatia!!!


With everything settled and finished packing the gear (all the gear you saw is now in the two little backpacks) we’re ready for the holiday. We can’t wait to touch the limestone in Paklenica and get some air under our feet!


Looks like it's gonna be a great trip :D

It was actually a great trip, Croatia is fantastic! :-) But I didn't find the time to write about it. Work, life and climbing is keeping me busy! Maybe I'm able to finish the article between Christmas and new year.

Yep I know Paklenica was climbing there a few times it's always great.

I finished the first part of the trip to Paklenica. If you are interested you can find it here.

Well then! I suppose you just must go. Croatia is gorgeous. The gear looks familiar enough. So long as you understand that the rest of us are jealous and waiting for stories!

Sometimes you are the lucky one. But I'm sure to envy you another day.

Can't wait for what will happen the next two weeks. :-)

Good luck and Have Fun! 😎

Thank you :-)

Have a safe trip and awesome climbs. I have never been there by myself, but just googled it -> looks awesome, can't wait for your stories/pictures!

I can't wait myself. We're just driving through Austria. So a view more hours to go. As the alps present themselfs in perfect sun, I don't care. :-)

Enjoy your time there and have fun! I heard it is amazing for climbing. Also, I was supposed to go climbing there with some mates and had a plane ticket booked (to nearby Split) but my mates couldn't make it and since I didn't want to go alone, I changed plans. I do hope to make it there at some point.

Thank you, we will! That's a pitty to here. I hope I can make up for that with an extra good story, so that you have the feeling, that you already went there! ;-)

Love the spread out gear photo. Hope you had a good trip!

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