Getting Your Steem Power Delegation Back From MinnowBooster

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First.. this is not a critique

I love @minnowbooster, which has been dubbed the "Swiss Army Knife" for minnows. It's a valuable service for noobs of @steemit because it's an ATM for Automated Delegated SP Leasing, giving minnows much-needed STEEM POWER BOOST to have a greater influence on the platform. You basically delegate STEEM POWER to the @minnowbooster bot and it pays you interest.

Get your learn on:

I started playing with it last week and delegated 730 SP to see what the daily payout would be. I received daily payments of prorated profit returns and it went straight into my balance. However... after a few days without voting power, I missed my 11 cent contributions, so I started the process of getting my SP back.

I'm pretty tech-savvy, but had a really hard time figuring it out. It's not super clear how to cancel your delegation of SP and get all that voting weight back. I ended up in the MinnoBooster discord server and was helped by @furious-one who walked me through it. He did such a great job, I figured I’d share the love and pass on the knowledge.

STEP 1: Return to the Giving Tree.

Use the same page you originally delegated all that hard earned steem power but this time, put in negative number for the amount you want back.


STEP 2: Zero Out That Vest.

The main thing is to make sure steem connect shows you are delegating 0.000000 vests. On the second screen, you should see this.

STEP 3: Duh. Password.

Yeah. I'm not showing you that screen. You got this.

STEP 4: Boo-ya!


Remember, you have to wait 7 days for all the swagger to return to your account. Not quite sure why such a long wait, but in 7 days I should have all that SP safely back in my wallet.

Again.. A big shout-out to @furious-one who came through with the save. He's a great example of what this community should be doing.

If you like what you see, I’d appreciate a follow and I’ll do the same.

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Thanks gomatthew, exactly what I was looking for. Easier than playing around with the URL :)

You got it

this is it the answer I’ve been looking for appreciate this info

No problem!

Was looking for this info and thanks again for post :) even if its 4 months ago I didn't know where else to look!

Glad it helped! Keep Steeming

Thanks for the step by step how to....I wondered if a negative would do the trick but decided to search for instructions first. I'm glad I did.

I have also been using vessel to stop delegating power to minnowbooster.

thanks for this !

Thank you for this, I had the exact same issue and couldn't find the solution anywhere. Minnowbooster is great but should really add this to their site somewhere.. Thanks again!

Thanks for pointing out to users & putting emphasis on Step 2, it's important! Cheers bro!

Another thing I figured out recently was how you can't power down if you have SP locked in a delegation (even if that delegation has already been cancelled). I also played with this tool a bit which is an interesting desktop wallet for STEEM:

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Thank you very much for the guide! I find it very helpful.

While your article has helped me feel less confused about finding out how delegation cancellation works (thanks for that) I still do not understand what "you have to wait 7 days for all the swagger to return to your account" means.

On the smart steem delegation post they write "your SP will be stuck for seven days".

What exactly does this mean?

Does it mean that after I cancel my delegation, another 7 days will be passing WITH delegation until I get it back....

Or are you telling me that I effectively destroy my delegated SP in those 7 days - being neither in my account to help my voting power NOR in the old delegation earning me interest?

Cause if that were the case then it would change the delegation-appeal for me completely.

say I were to delegate 50.000 SP of my 50.000 SP (hahaha if I ever get that much this life ;) for - say - 4 weeks. But then I decide to get it back and cancel my delegation. Would that mean my VP for that one week would effectively be Zero in my account? Having thereby cut myself off from earning anything in those 7 days? One week is a lot considering the weeks of a year, you know?

I am quite puzzled and thought I'd ask ya because of your detailed article and your tech-savyness. Hope that's alright with ya ;)

That is correct. Not very appealing if you're tight on SP

hehe thanks! I recently got my SP delegation back of that one week where it wasn't used for anything. Really makes me wonder if I ever want to delegate agian in the near future ;)
as you said, probably when I got more SP.

I was stressing out trying to understand how to do it, there were ways that seemed too complicated. Thanks @gomatthew, it should be back with me soon.

Absolutely man!

So was it more advantageous to delegate or you came out better having the steem power at your disposal?!? And if so, how so and how much?!? 😁

ah thanks for sharing!

I recently un-delegated a because I had given too much, haha.. but still having some issues with low SP..

this cleared it up! thanks! (followed)

How to know if i received my delegated sp back?

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