Cleanplanet needs all of you!

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Hello everyone,

For some time, I have been supporting Cleanplanet (be it in terms of steem power or in terms of time.) The movement is advancing to be the website: or on the actions of the community.

Many people join the fight because pollution is everywhere in the air or in the earth! In today's world (be it poor people or rich people, some of them do not care about the future, how are the upper generations going to live?) Let us leave them a land in a pitiful state or in a good condition? The changes must come now and not in 50 years ..

The Cleanplanet movement is there to put its stone in the building which for the moment supports the person who picks up garbage in their area!

They currently have 35,000 Steem power so mainly @ekitcho (6,693,278 SP) @roelandp (4,463,729 SP) @swam (3,000 SP) @michelios (1,000 SP) and many other people with small amounts of SP but I can not quote everyone but they are all great.

So we have on one side. A project created by @yann0975 and @french.fyde which is a project of general interest for the general future and unfortunately insufficient support for me! So what are you waiting for to join the boat that is in support (Steempower) or in the field with actions or even better both!

Of course we are all there to make money and the fall of crypto-currencies (no need to lie because it's good money that makes families live) made us all super bad! But that's where such movement comes in! Clean planet with are action also promote blockchain! Who says new person says opportunity to show the potential (still relatively unknown to the general public) that says opportunity to have people who take the step and invest in the steem!

You see the effect at long therme? It is also with this kind of action that will raise the steem!

So I have a question! Are you going to stay that way and not act, or are you going to act and support the movements like the clean-planet?

I wish you all a pleasant day and hope that the future is better for the world of cryptocurrency!


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They currently have 35,000 Steem power so mainly @ekitcho (6,693,278 SP) @roelandp (4,463,729 SP) @swam (3,000 SP) @michelios (1,000 SP) and many other people with small amounts of SP ...

Not that it's very much, but I also delegated 1000 SP with my main account and 500 with another one. :)


The key is to support the project.

Those who are genuinely interested in a clean planet need to start focusing their attention on China and India. The United States and many parts of Europe ARE contributing to making this a cleaner planet, but China and India seem to get overlooked.

Complete support for Clean Planet :)

Clean planet is important, that's the only thing we have. Everyone should keep their environment clean.

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Hello friend, i had to manually copy and paste the link because it isnt well indexed. this proyect looks so nice ill be looking foward to it, thanks for sharing!!


Thanks @caotico
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

c'est clair qu'il y a grave du boulot, je sais qu'il existe des assoc qui le font gratuitement mais je n'arrive pas à en trouver dans ma région, elles pourraient être intéressées par ce concept

Everyone should practice proper disposal in order to have a clean environment.


Something tells me that you missed the point of this post.

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I have nothing else but support on this one. we need to intensify our care for mother earth.