Clay Art Contest # 5: Your Favorite Snack (Sandwich, cookie, donut & choco stick)

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Miniature snacks

Good day everyone! Today I'm gonna show you how I made my miniature snacks using polymer clay. I participated this contest from the start, hosted by @josejirafa and it really catch my attention. I am more determine with my new hobby "clay art". It's fun and I feel contented everytime I see my finish product. I will continue doing this art in the future, this will be my second favorite, since scrapbooking is my first crafty hobby. The theme for this week is " Your favorite snacks". I chose homemade sandwich, chocolate cookie, choco stick and donut(strawberry flavor).

If you are interested to join this contest, please check the link HERE for more information.

So let's begin and hope you enjoy!


Polymer clay ( flesh, brown, red, yellow ochre, green, dark brown, blue and pink)
Light brown soft pastel
Painting brush
Acrylic paint (pink)
Clear nail varnish
Cutting tool
White cardstock
Baking paper

The process:

For the sandwich, prepare the following;

  • cut a piece of flesh clay, form it in a cylinder.
  • cut a piece of brown clay, flatten it in the surface and cover all over the flesh cylinder with your brown clay. Cut the excess brown clay. This will be your loaf/slice bread. Once you are done, cut 2 pieces for the bread. Use toothbrush for the texture and apply brown soft pastel to look like toasted slice bread. 1.jpg
  • Cut a piece of green and flesh clay for the lettuce. Flatten and use any tool to press and stretch it gently to have a curly effect.
  • cut a piece of yellow ochre for the cheese and form it in square.
  • cut 2 pieces of red clay for the tomatoes and flatten it.
  • cut each piece of flesh and pink clay for the ham, mix together, flatten it and cut 2 strip.
  • cut a piece of dark brown clay for the patty, form a round and flatten it, then use toothbrush for the texture.

Now it's done, let's proceed for the decoration. Place the lettuce, patty, cheese, ham, tomatoes, add another lettuce then cover with the other sliced bread. 4.jpg

For the donut, prepare the following;

  • cut a piece of flesh clay for the buns, use toothbrush for the texture and apply brown soft pastel. Then make a hole at the center.
  • paint the top with pink acrylic.
  • cut each piece of blue, flesh, green and yellow clay for the toppings of donut. Roll it over like a string and cut a very small pieces, place all at the top of the donut. 5.jpg

For the chocolate cookie, prepare the following;

  • cut a piece of brown clay for the dough, form a round and flatten it, use toothbrush for the texture.
  • cut a piece of dark brown clay and roll it over and form a string, cut into pieces for the chocloate chips and place at the top of the cookie.6.jpg

For the choco stick, prepare the following;

  • cut a piece of flesh and dark brown clay, roll it over and form a string. Lay it together and twist. Cut the size you want.

After you're done with the forms, pre-heat the oven for 110° for 10 minutes. Bake for 30 minutes. When it's done, let it cool down. Apply clear nail varnish for the top of the donut, the sandwich and the choco sticks for the brilliant effect. I added a white cardstock for the paper plate.9.jpg

Now, the project is done and ready to eat! Bon appétit!!!! lol! Ready to display or offer to someone.

These are the result of my finished product.




I'm nominating @ediah, @mermaidvampire, @deevi, @zoeroces, @jacinta.sevilla and @ohkaaay, to participate this contest. Goodluck to us!

Thank you for dropping by! Hope you like it! Catch you next time!




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